Giveaway Terms & Conditions


  1. Participants must be 18 years old or above.
  2. The residential and legal status of the winner will be verified.
  3. The prospective recipient of the apartment has never owned a property or has never possessed (or being in possession of) an investment property in the United Kingdom nor overseas. (either by purchase or inheritance).
  4. Has never filed for bankruptcy.
  5. Has never committed serious criminal offences.
  6. Must understand and accept their personal data to be used by Salboy Ltd. and/or Urbanbubble for the purposes of selecting their suitability as winner under strict GDPR guidelines.
  7. The winner will not be restricted nor obliged to live in the apartment after becoming its legal owner.
  8. For as long as the prospective recipient of the apartment remains legal owner of the property, the winner will always be liable for the ongoing running costs derived from its ownership, such as: any bills associated with the property, Service Charge payments applicable to the property, Ground Rent payments and/or any letting fees and related tax liabilities, should the property be rented out to third parties.
  9. The winner will be permitted to rent out the apartment and make financial gain from it should they so wish. However, and for the duration of 3 (three) years after the apartment has been legally assigned to the winner, there shall be a stipulation that any letting of the unit shall be through Salboy’s preferred management and letting agent, Urbanbubble who are based on site.
  10. Any fees incurred by the letting of the property via Urbanbubble shall be payable by the prospective winner of the asset.
  11. The apartment will be unfurnished (save for standard fixtures and fittings). It will be the winner’s responsibility to furnish the property at their own cost.
  12. The winner agrees to full publicity where Salboy Ltd. and/or Urbanbubble deem it necessary, including press releases and/or interviews after being declared winner.
  13. All entries to this competition must come no later than midnight on the 18th July 2019.
  14. The shortlisted candidates will be notified during 72 hours after the above deadline via phone or email of their interview date and time.
  15. The shortlisted candidates must be willing to be interviewed by the selecting panel on the 23rd of July 2019 at Unit 3, Birchwood One Business Park, Dewhurst Road, Warrington, WA3 7GB, at a time to be agreed, during business working hours (9am – 5pm).
  16. Any expenses incurred in attending the interview shall be liable by the candidate.
  17. In the event that any of the shortlisted candidates cannot attend the interview date, they will be automatically excluded, irrespective of their reasons for their inability to attend.
  18. Salboy reserves the right to shortlist further candidates in anticipation of clause 15 and to place them on a waiting list and to postpone the date for the interview set for the 23rd of July for a duration of up to 4 weeks thereafter.
  19. Any legal costs, including conveyancing fees and disbursements associated with the transferring of the property onto the winner shall be paid by us however any tax liability or stamp duty payable (if any) will be the Winner’s responsibility to pay and should the winner require to instruct their own lawyer to transfer the property any other way or for own legal advice, then we will not be responsible for those costs.
  20. The judging panel will shortlist prospective winners and select the most suitable candidate.
  21. The judging panel’s decision shall be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  22. Any prospective candidates must not have any relationship with any employees from Salboy Ltd, or any of its subsidiaries. This exclusion is also applicable to any employees of any businesses owned (partially or in its entirety) by any members of the judging panel.
  23. The judging panel will consist of Mr. Simon Ismail, Mr. Fred Done and Mr. Michael Howard.
  24. Salboy reserves their right to appoint any registered charity to collaborate in a consultancy capacity in the selection process and assess the suitability of any given candidate/s.