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Based in the North West and operating UK-wide, Salboy is a property development company known for delivering first-class developments that exemplify quality and add value to residents, investors and the surrounding community. To date, we’ve delivered over 2400 homes in the UK and continue to develop residential accommodation of the highest standard.

Each of our developments make fantastic new homes that can be purchased directly from us, the developer. They also make the perfect investment opportunity whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re looking to expand your investment portfolio – we offer complete and off-plan developments in high growth buy-to-let locations with strong rental yields. We also provide funding for experienced developers that need support with their commercial and residential developments. If we believe in your vision and see the potential, we’ll provide the support  that you need.

Our Developments

Buy property with confidence from Salboy. Over 1,300 quality homes delivered in the last 12 months. Complete and off-plan, new homes and apartments in property developments in prime UK locations. Direct from the developer. 

Who We Are & What We Do

We originally started as a lender – we’d put equity stakes into developments and assist with the development process. During our growth and evolution, we’ve evolved into a developer ourselves – we’re passionate about creating great spaces to live and this passion is shown in our track record of delivery.

From concept to construction and then to completion, we manage the entire process of property development, ensuring quality and value are at the core of each stage. We’re Manchester born and bred, which is why we’re passionate about adding value to our great Northern cities of Salford and Manchester. We’re also keen to deliver exceptional developments in cities all over the UK. Many of our developments contribute to regeneration projects that focus on boosting economic growth and prosperity in major cities across the country.

From Property Investment to Development Finance, See How Salboy Can Help...

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We Develop And Fund Valuable Investments In Greater Manchester And Beyond

What is property development?

Property development, or real estate development, is the process of developing land or buildings, to increase their value. The process can take many forms, including building a property from scratch and renovating an existing property. Property developments can be commercial and residential, serving numerous purposes. Common developments include homes, offices and hotels.

Property developments make great investment opportunities, providing that their locations are well-considered and the quality of the development makes it an appealing place to live. Investors may be individuals, groups or even limited companies. There are a range of investment types out there that can provide an additional source of income, but property investments are one of the most successful.

By investing in the right developments in the right locations, property investment can become highly lucrative with great potential returns. When developing properties here at Salboy, we’re passionate about ensuring that they can bring true value to investors, who are looking for an investment income. That’s why many of our developments are in prime city locations and offer high rental yields.

What is an investment property?

Investors purchase a property, or properties, to generate income. This is an investment property – its purpose is to generate a return on investment (ROI) for investors. When looking for an investment property, it’s important to find a property from a reputable developer. To maximise a return on investment, the property should be in a prime location with high rental yields, and it should be built with quality in mind. That’s exactly what we do here at Salboy.

Regular rental payments are usually the way that developers make an ROI, especially if the property is a buy-to-let. However, some investors choose to buy the property, increase its value and then sell it to make a profit. This is known as buy-to-sell and tends to be a less popular investment strategy when compared with purchasing a buy-to-let property. The latter is considered key for successful medium to long-term investment strategies

How to get into property investment

Before looking at how to get into property investment, it’s important to understand the reasons why you’re considering making this type of investment. This will have an impact on the strategy you decide to execute as well as the type of property you invest in. Investors will purchase properties for a range of reasons, but many do it for greater financial stability and a monthly income, via rental payments. Others decide to get into property investment to save or sell the property in the future for their retirement fund, whilst others plan to establish a business with their investment properties.

Getting into property investment involves being organised from the offset, especially when it comes to your finances. You should assess whether you can afford to invest, by looking at your income and expenditure and seeking impartial financial advice. It’s important to consider other expenses beyond property prices when considering your affordability, such as the unexpected costs and upkeep costs that are involved, as well as any additional risks that may affect your financial stability.

Then, you’ll then need to research where to invest – selecting a prime location with a growing population and significant rental yields is key here. Then, you’ll need to select the right funding option for you whether that’s development finance, bridging loans or mortgage deals. Once that’s done, you must put an offer in for the property and exchange contracts, as you would with a standard property.

So, the key question is – should you invest in property? It looks like a great time to invest in the UK property market – the population is continuing to increase meaning that there’s a real demand for homes. Not only that, but current living trends suggest that there is a shift towards renting – many professionals, couples and families alike are opting for a rental property, whilst wanting to remain a luxury homeowner.  Renting is now seen as a lifestyle choice, so we build and fund developments that residents would be glad to call home.

Providing that you do your research and make an investment in a prime location and in a property that’s from a trustworthy developer, buy-to-let properties are a worthwhile investment. If you’d like any more guidance and information about the process of investing, check out our top tips for property investment – this covers everything from how to organise your property funds to building a successful property portfolio. It also covers finding the right residential property and location for house price growth and capital appreciation, as well as additional costs to consider such as mortgage costs and insurance products.

Our Property Developments - Manchester, the North West & Beyond

Our development process

When it comes to property developments, we’ve got a track record of developing quality places to live, work and play. This track record is thanks to our development approach – we invest our own resources, money and time to ensure that our developments are built on a foundation of comprehensive planning, quality design and effective delivery.  Our approach is long-term, and we always consider how our developments can benefit the people that they serve in the long run. That means economic growth, but it goes far beyond that. Our developments are places that people are proud to call work and home.

Quality is our priority – we don’t cut corners to save costs. Our developments create value, which benefits all parties involved – communities, partners and investors alike. To ensure true quality and value, we don’t just consider our developments in isolation. To us, they’re part of the wider community and neighbourhood. That’s why we work closely with local authorities, to make sure that our developments are strategically connected to the surrounding neighbourhood and complement wider goals.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We work with only the best partners in the business, to ensure that all parties get the most from our developments. We work closely with all parties throughout the entire process, which we oversee from beginning to end. From the earliest stages of identifying sites to gaining planning permission and providing financial solutions for developments, we oversee each stage to make sure quality, care and value are the driving forces of our actions.

So, who do we work with? Our construction arm – DOMIS – provides a range of other in-house services, unlike other contractors. This level of flexibility goes hand-in-hand with our approach that focuses on valuable developments with a quality finish. We’ve also partnered with Urban Bubble, in a partnership called ‘LOCAL’, to offer property management services throughout the entire lettings process. This includes managing early enquiries to offering block management, and far beyond. All our resources go to meeting and exceeding the needs of both residents and leaseholders.

Why choose Salboy developments?

Prime locations

All our residential and commercial properties are situated in prime locations, meaning that when you live, work or play in a Salboy development, you’re surrounded by places to see and things to do. Of course, as Salfordians and Mancunians, we’re passionate about Greater Manchester as a place to develop and invest. But, most of our developments across the UK are in locations that have been subject to regeneration, financial investment and impressive employment levels – just take Manchester as a great example.

So, if you’re a resident, a Salboy development provides a home that’s surrounded by growth, prosperity and regeneration. For investors, this usually means that these locations have an increasing popularity, feeding the demand for rental properties and creating high rental yields.

Quality & value

Quality and value are at the heart of our company – we care deeply about the quality of the developments we deliver and the value that they bring to investors, residents and the wider community. Each of our properties is built to a high standard – we never attempt to save money, especially if it jeopardises the quality of our developments. Each of our properties is also complete with amenities and facilities that we know residents will love, and truly experience added value from.


We think that every developer has a strong social responsibility, and we take ours very seriously. We’ve adopted an approach to sustainable placemaking, which is considered during the entire planning and development process. This means that we’re passionate about creating developments that have a strong sense of place and character, to fit in with the community atmosphere and wider aesthetic. Not only that, but we strive to make every space greener and more sustainable, for people to enjoy.

How To Fund Property Development

There are many different ways to fund property development, and there will be options available that are specific to your circumstances and proposed development. Factors to consider include the type of project, the funds that the developer is putting into the project and the existing knowledge and experience of those that are involved in the development.

There are a range of different funding options available including mortgages, bridging loans, joint venture funding and development finance. Here at Salboy, we offer development finance options to experienced developers.

What is property development finance?

This type of business finance is used to fund residential, commercial and mix-use property development. Whilst the term can encompass mortgages and loans, our property finance solutions are for builders and contractors.

As a privately-owned equity company, we can offer full funding for property developments, including joint ventures with property investors and developers. We can act as a build, equity or joint venture partner. If you require additional financial support, this can be discussed and arranged through Goldentree Financial Services – our short-term funding partner. We can also work with other senior debt providers to offer financial solutions.

Which proposals will we consider?

  • Proposals submitted by experienced developers.
  • Proposals that provide evidence of full detailed planning permission.
  • It must be a residential or commercial property. This includes new builds, conversions, timber, traditional and modular builds.
  • These properties must be built and sold within 15 months.
  • The property must be based within the UK mainland.

Our finance options

Salboy Build Partner

  • 100% debt and equity package.
  • Interest is charged on the funds drawn and the profit shared with the borrower after total GDC, including finance costs.
  • No personal guarantees required.
  • Joint Venture agreement established with the borrower and security held in a subsidiary of Salboy.

Salboy Equity Partner

  • 100% funding on the basis that the borrower’s contribution towards the purchase costs is secured by a 2nd charge. This must be behind a reputable senior debt provider.
  • Interest charges for this option are replaced by a profit share with the borrower after total GDC, including finance costs.

Joint Venture

  • For deals over £10million GDV.
  • Conditions usually include the appointment of DOMIS Construction as a contractor and Salboy International as the selling agent in the venture.
  • Typically used for major developments in inner-city locations that are multi-unit apartment schemes, sold both off-plan and overseas.

What to expect from our property development finance:

  • 100% development finance.
  • Funding from 1% PCM.
  • Funding for all costs relating to land and build.
  • No valuations required.
  • No personal guarantees required.
  • A 50/50 profit share.

With property development finance from Salboy, we offer so much more than just funding. Because we’re a developer and a lender, we can provide unrivalled expertise and invaluable insight into the construction industry. Subsequently, we make sure any projects that we get involved with end positively, providing value to all parties involved. This insight and expertise also gives us the ability to foresee any issues or changes with the development and act accordingly, implementing specific solutions to ensure success.

Because we’re a developer as well as a lender, we truly appreciate the importance of cash flow and liquidity during the construction process. That’s why we’ve implemented an effective and efficient drawdown process – when borrowers ask for funding, this can be sent within hours, following relevant QS inspections.

We also know the importance of sourcing the right materials and labourers for developments, to ensure that they’re built to the highest standard. Whilst not traditionally the role of the lender, we’re always happy to assist with finding materials and labour that you may otherwise struggle to source. After all, we’re passionate about developments that exemplify quality and add value.

Why Choose Salboy?

As evident by our track record of delivery, we prioritise the quality of our developments at every stage of the process, whether that’s developments we’re providing financial support for or our own Salboy developments. Our approach to property development is why we’re so successful – we understand what it takes to develop meaningful and enjoyable places to live that residents will love and that investors will also benefit from. We’re property experts.


Besides benefitting the people involved, we have a genuine passion for aiding the regeneration and the success of our UK cities. Whilst many of our properties are built in existing regeneration hotspots, we’re also keen to play a part in this regeneration process, in areas that have the potential to be a world-class city. Just take Salford as an example – our developments have been a key component of the city’s rebirth.

New Homes

All of our homes and apartments are designed to exceed the expectations and needs of every resident. A home should be a place to rest after a hard day’s work, whilst providing close connections and links to city centres that provide an amazing environment for working hard and playing harder. Each of our homes comes with exceptional features, which are simply standard here at Salboy.

Development finance

As a developer ourselves, as well as a lender, we can offer unrivalled expertise that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. We understand the value of a consistent cash flow during developments, and we can foresee potential issues whilst adapting to overcome them. When you seek funding from us, that’s not all you’ll get – you’ll have support and knowledge to assist you with your project.

Investment opportunities

We focus on delivering investment opportunities in prime locations that are attractive to residents yet have a rental demand, are subject to economic growth and can provide strong rental yields. By developing in ideal locations and creating luxury homes, this creates the foundations for a successful property investment. This then delivers maximum investment returns for buy-to-let investors that want a rental income.

For Quality Developments That Deliver Value, Choose Salboy

We understand what makes a great place to live and work in as well as a great development to invest in. Combining these two factors, we create developments that benefit all parties involved from residents to investors alike. At a time when many UK cities are the subject of regeneration and development, such as our great cities of Salford and Manchester, we want to play our part in this process. We contribute by creating developments that promote economic growth and support the regeneration of our UK cities whether that be in Manchester, London or any of our other major cities.

To find out more about our developments, our finance options and investment opportunities, get in touch with our team who will be happy to provide further information or answer any of your questions.