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 Salboy is a notable business in the property industry, renowned nation-wide for high-quality, creative and unique developments. With a special focus on developing the North West, where they are based, and where the property market and local businesses persistently thrive and evolve, the Salboy team have a proven track record of delivering excellence. With over 2,400 homes completed, Salboy continues to provide developments that are valuable, desirable and purposeful. 

What We Do at Salboy and Our Approach to Property Development

We are a dynamic, reputable property investment and development company who are extremely passionate about putting quality, value, creativity and passion at the forefront of our vision. We are recognised for our ability to deliver first-class developments, in addition to our commitment to evolving and improving the local community. We started out our company as a lender, putting equity stakes into developments and assisting with the development process. After a short time, we became involved in development and cultivated the passion that we have today for creating exceptional properties.

As a developer, we aim to immerse ourselves into the entire process. From concept, to planning, construction and completion – we oversee every stage to ensure our creative vision is carried out. We involve ourselves heavily with each step of the process to certify that quality is achieved thoroughly without compromise. We achieve high-quality, impactful projects by partnering with like-minded businesses that are just as focussed on delivering the high standard of design that has come to be recognised as the seal of Salboy’s work.

We are dedicated to embedding innovative ideas and concepts into the property industry, adding quality and value to the areas we work in. We implement our unique approach to property development by working with a diverse range of exceptional partners in the industry. It is a crucial element of our company ethos to devise and collaborate on project concepts that will be highly beneficial to the area. We look for unique spaces that are contemporary, innovative and meaningful.

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Our Key Values and How We Implement Them into Each Development

We have a proven track record for consistently producing superior residential and commercial buildings. Our homes are wonderfully unique in that each apartment is complete with state-of-the-art decor and an abundance of furnishings and amenities – providing homes that are instantly ready to be lived in. We aim to relieve any further need to decorate, refurbish or renovate – because Salboy properties are made to last. Our consistent diligence and property market knowledge ensure that our developments make worthwhile investments and exceptional places to live. We achieve success by embedding our key values and high standards into every design. It is important to us that we conceptualise, build and complete spaces with the following factors in mind at all times:


Our team of experts take great care and time in researching beneficial areas to invest and develop. Location is absolutely vital and acts as the prime starting point for each and every venture. We consider locations that may be lacking in residential areas, office space or other useful facilities. It is also essential that the areas we choose to develop have incredible investment prospects and business opportunities. We work hard to erect properties with purpose, supplying the local community with everything they could possibly need. Whether it’s modernised, fully furnished student accommodation or rental properties for families – we provide it all. With thorough research of local schools, transport links and amenities, we can guarantee developments in prime locations every time.

At Salboy, we are avid believers in the fantastic business and development properties that are available in and around Manchester. We are proud to dedicate our time, money and energy to enhancing this dynamic city, participating in the invigorating progress that Manchester’s property sector continues to make. Additionally, we are keen to breathe new life into the city of Salford. As Manchester city centre’s neighbouring district, our properties in Salford are designed with the local residents in mind. We understand the importance of utilising an area that is a well connected business hub, and Salford boasts just that.


The quality of our developments is second to none. We centralise quality throughout every project, ensuring that the facilities, exterior build, and interior design are created to the highest possible standards. The needs of residents and professionals alike are at the heart of our properties, which is why we build to protect the safety, happiness and comfort of the people that occupy them. We prioritise high standards over cost and time, as we are committed to providing durable, enjoyable and useful spaces for the community to inhabit. The high quality of our builds is the reason our developments are so attractive and popular with the residents of Manchester and Salford – we are extremely proud of the warm reception from the community that has come with each property we have delivered.

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Unique features and amenities

Each Salboy development project contains distinct characteristics that contribute to the overall quality of each project. We put a lot of time into our carefully drawn up plans that aim not only to impress investors and residents, but also to best benefit the community. We construct developments that represent luxury, sophistication and class. We achieve this by incorporating key elements into residential and commercial properties, making sure to satisfy the needs of prospective clients. We do our absolute best to supply a wide range of amenities to suit a variety of lifestyles. Consequently, each existing stylish apartment is fitted with high-tech gadgets and devices to enhance the lives of those that reside there. Some of the fantastic features our developments offer include:

  • Heated swimming pools, saunas and spas – acting as a relaxation paradise for habitants
  • Creative office spaces for businesses to rent and utilise
  • Beautiful, large gardens to relax and unwind
  • Modernised gyms and studios for occupants to keep fit and healthy
  • High-tech cinema rooms for central entertainment for all to enjoy
  • Exclusive lounges, restaurants and bar areas, allowing residents to unwind


We endeavour to make all developments a centralised place to work, live and play. By inserting unique features that are unlikely to be found in any other residential centre, Salboy remains one of the top development companies in the North West. For us, the people are our main inspiration, which is why our homes are meaningful and recognised nationwide.

Reasons to Invest with Salboy

Due to our heavy focus on making residents the centre of our developments, we maximise the ROI for our investors. We select areas to develop that are always in high demand, with growing career opportunities and excellent lifestyle amenities in the surrounding area. Salboy recognises the importance of providing affordable, well placed buy-to-let properties for investors to get involved with. At Salboy, we avidly position our developments in cities that are experiencing regeneration, as these areas always promise fantastic investment opportunities. To put it simply – we identify property investment trends and go above and beyond to deliver leading developments for companies to confidently invest in.

There is no better city to invest in than Manchester. This fast-growing city has transformed over the years into an economic force. It is thanks to the continuous regeneration projects and ever-growing skyline that Manchester’s property market has become a national success. Regeneration has massively impacted the region, reshaping this Northern powerhouse into a property investment focal point. Greater Manchester has fast become a desirable place for development outside of London, with a gross value of £62.8 billion and a population of over 2.7 million. With such a high population, Manchester is never short of accommodation, facilities and restaurants. One of the most popular investments in this city is buy-to-let properties, as students, workers and families choose to relocate to the city due to the fantastic prospects available. Despite the impactful pandemic that affected most markets, the rental demand stayed high – in fact, it has continued to increase throughout the past two years. The beginning of this year saw a 34% increase in properties being rented, which is higher than the rise seen during 2018-2019. In addition, evidence shows that the rental yield has risen substantially higher than London’s, with landlords earning an impressive average yield of 5-6% (compared to the 2-4% in London). Magnificently, despite the high average rental yield, rent costs and living expenses in Manchester remain one of the lowest in the country. In fact, this Northern gem offers almost everything that the Capital has to offer, at a much more affordable rate. Housing prices in Manchester also appeal largely to prospective buyers in comparison to London, with Zoopla exemplifying how drastic the cost difference is between the two cities. London’s average house cost stands at a whopping £903,448, whilst Manchester’s average settles around £240,618.

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Why Choose to Live and Work in Manchester

There are uncountable reasons to live and work in Manchester. In addition to the infamous Northern charm of the Mancunians, the city centre is bursting with exciting architecture, a plethora of restaurants and rare business opportunities. Manchester is home to some of the biggest companies in the world, making it one of the most idyllic places to relocate to for both businesses and individuals seeking work. Manchester holds an amazing reputation for being one of the most diverse, multicultural cities in the world. For residents and tourists alike – there really is something for everyone in and around the region.

Career Opportunities

The rich culture, diverse portfolio of businesses and numerous creative industries inspire multiple entrepreneurs to base themselves here. Business start-ups are increasingly launching in Manchester, adding to the myriad of opportunities that arise in this exciting city.

Manchester City Council is a great example of how this town encourages business start-ups, as there are multiple schemes available to assist entrepreneurs in their set-up. This incredible focus on making Manchester a business hub across all sectors will ensure that this Northern powerhouse remains truly unstoppable.

The job availability here is also on the rise, and with many regeneration projects and businesses choosing to relocate, there is a constant demand for work. Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages of working in Manchester is the salary. It currently sits comfortably at an average of £30,900 a year, which is expected to rise year upon year by around 1.5%, which makes Manchester an excellent place for those looking to build their career. Fortunately for young people and those looking to find a new career path, the city is not short of networking events. Many businesses dedicate themselves to providing events for new people to meet, socialise and find work right here in the centre.

Things To Do in Manchester

When thinking about the biggest tourist attractions in the UK, the city of Manchester is well known for its abundance of entertainment, restaurants and attractions. The city centre is heaven for foodies, music lovers and shoppers. As one of the most popular resorts to shop and drink, there is no denying the national adoration for this city. The culture and diversity of Manchester is second to none, and, with its lively LGBTQ+ scene and colourful Chinatown, the centre is a place for all people to enjoy.

Manchester’s legendary music scene is paid tribute to across the city, from record stores selling rare vinyls and bars and restaurants showcasing vintage album artwork – the Mancunian pride is evidenced throughout. Manchester is also home to eye-catching, historical buildings that are bursting with heritage and antique wonder. One example of this is Chethams, the oldest surviving library that still stands tall in the centre of town and is open to all to delve into as a facility for learning. If this isn’t enough, the Manchester Cathedral creates a beautiful, antiquated contrast to the contemporary skyscrapers in the city.

At Salboy, we understand Manchester to be an idyllic destination to embed our premium developments. Through years of experience living and working in this dynamic city, we have developed a robust knowledge of the property market here and how it really is the ideal place to develop, invest, work and live.

Regeneration Projects in Manchester City Centre

As previously mentioned, regeneration is transforming the face of Greater Manchester. The population has risen significantly since the regeneration began, which is predicted to rise by another 10% by 2023. With this in mind, developments, residential areas and commercial property plans will continue to be implemented to meet the high demand.

Over the past decade, the community has been largely enhanced by the multiple projects that have been delivered. Developments include the £1.5 billion Spinningfields project, which began construction in 1997. This modern area of the city centre now comprises high-tech office spaces and some of the most popular bars and restaurants in town. Also, the annual Christmas markets and temporary ice-rink make Spinningfields a festive hub during the winter months.

In addition, the NOMA project has been a large success in bringing residential space, office space and hotels to Manchester. With over £800 million spent on the scheme, 7 exceptional buildings have been erected to provide the city with more space to work, play and live.

One of the biggest development projects to bless the city so far has been the relocation of hundreds of creative enterprises. MediaCityUK in the neighbouring city of Salford is home to a variety of notable companies. MediaCityUK breathes new life into the sector, attracting thousands of creative individuals to base their careers in Manchester. This multi-million pound project has been a key turning point for the city, as it has also become home to Salford University’s media and film students who are extremely lucky to utilise contemporary study spaces and technology.

All in all, the regeneration of Manchester promises to keep the city alive, introducing plenty of promising opportunities to those that live there.


Manchester has attracted a sizable amount of students from across the globe due to its unrivaled choice of universities. The City of Manchester hosts the University of Manchester, Royal Northern College of Music, and Manchester Metropolitan, and just outside of the centre are the universities of Salford and Bolton. The student population dominates the town, with many areas dotted around the city dedicated solely to accommodate them.

It is with thanks to these educational institutions that the demand for accommodation is significantly high. At Salboy, we pay close attention to the needs and requirements of the students in Manchester. We have delivered some exceptional residential projects for students, providing facilitated accommodation that goes beyond the standard apartment. We look into locating residential areas close to the university communities, ensuring that occupants have only minutes to walk to get to their lectures. It is essential that student accommodation gives students access to amenities that matter, such as study space and communal areas.


Our Commercial Properties in Manchester

Salboy maintains an exciting portfolio of commercial properties throughout Manchester and Salford. Part of our success lies in the commercial and residential properties we choose to invest and fund in. Despite now focussing highly on development, our company began its venture financing promising projects throughout the North West. We are always on the lookout for a diverse range of projects to get involved with, all across the UK. We aim to give funding to the developments that we see as valuable, innovative and original. Joint Venture Salboy Build Partner and Salboy Equity Partner are products we offer as part of our property development finance. We pride ourselves on the schemes we offer due to the originality of conditions and options. We will provide full funding for the properties we see extensive potential in, offering both financial and specialist support. The advice that our property experts provide is unrivaled, as we approach both investment and property financing with a focus on quality and innovation. We only work alongside reputable developers in order to ensure that we are contributing to a commercial property that is purposeful and revolutionary.

Salboy is greatly interested in expanding the incredible collection of commercial properties available in Greater Manchester. The property market is booming in both residential and commercial sectors, which is why we are keen to enhance the industry with our high-quality developments. Commercial property in Manchester and Salford proves especially popular with investors, as the returns available on these investments are considerably higher than many other property types.

Why Choose Salboy?

Whether you are looking for the perfect investment opportunity, development finance, properties to let/rent or simply want to gather valuable, specialist advice – Salboy is your answer. By investing our time and money into creating properties that make a difference to the community, we can continue to execute excellence in everything we do. Our mission is to deliver concepts that are unique to any other in the industry. We are confident that our projects bring excitement, usefulness and luxury to the residents that choose to call our properties home.

To discuss your property goals and find out more about our development plans, talk to our experts via phone, email or our online form. Collaborate with us to make an impact on the property market today.