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Introducing our proposed scheme to transform the Narrowcliff regeneration site in Newquay, Cornwall.


The project offers a transformational opportunity for Newquay, with investment on a scale which may only come along once in a generation. The benefits for the town will extend far beyond the developments themselves: further boosting the local economy, providing hundreds of jobs, improving housing availability and providing infrastructure improvements, which in turn act as a catalyst for future investment.


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New Local Jobs

Economic Benefits

As part of the preliminary work toward the planning application Salboy has commissioned an independent report by Brookdale Consulting to study the potential economic benefits the scheme could bring to Newquay and the surrounding areas.

  • Once developed, the impact of the larger, higher quality hotel will rise to 61 FTE local jobs and £2m GVA in Newquay and the surrounding area.
    The new commercial accommodation will facilitate a further 85 new jobs with GVA of £2.8m per year.
  • Construction of the new hotel, plus 164 new apartments with commercial accommodation will support 375 direct and indirect jobs during the 3-year build period with GVA of £27m per year.
  • The additional housing is expected to accommodate 410 new residents, spending £3m per year locally, enough to support 22 local jobs and GVA of £649k per year.
  • Households will generate £260,000 in Council tax revenue for the local authority per year. As a result of this and other taxes, the additional households are estimated to support around 40 public sector jobs in Cornwall.
  • The new housing will also generate over £1m of New Homes Bonus for the local authority over 4 years.
  • Affordable housing policy fully met and expected to deliver 56 new affordable homes to Newquay


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It is important for the design team to receive your thoughts and general feedback on the proposal. Please take the time to view the proposals and video and then complete this survey.

Read more about what’s next for the Narrowcliff Regeneration Scheme