In Consultation

Tucking Mill

Consultation on the next phase of residential development at Tuckingmill. Open until 28 February. 


Salboy is excited to announce plans to bring forward a second phase of residential development on the Tuckingmill site, located on the edge of Camborne.

We are an experienced property development company with a proven track record in delivering high-quality, first-class developments and boosting economic growth within the towns and cities we invest in. 

We purchased the Tuckingmill development site last year, with the overall aim of revitalising the currently disused site and delivering around 300 much-needed new homes for Cornwall, including affordable homes.

We will shortly start work on site to build 77 new homes as part of our first phase of development.

In parallel, we are developing our proposals for the second phase of development, which will include 202 new homes on the remainder of the Tuckingmill site and the conversion of the North Lights building to provide 14 new mews houses and apartments.

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Site Location

Tuckingmill, located on the edge of Camborne, will soon be home to a new residential development which will revitalise the current disused site and create a new attractive neighbourhood.

The 19.47 acre development site is divided into three main areas:

  • A plot of land north of Kerrier Way
  • A plot of land south of Kerrier Way
  • The historic North Lights building, fronting Pendarves Street

The site is very prominent on Kerrier Way and Pendarves Street and is currently accessed by vehicles off Pendarves Street, with pedestrian access using the same route. It can also be accessed off Kerrier Way. Tuckingmill is situated in the heart of the historic

Camborne and Redruth mining district. The site has views across the Tuckingmill River Valley towards South Crofty mine and Carn Brae, and the connections to the wider landscape and local history are visible on site.

The site has been earmarked for residential development for many years and outline planning permission was granted by Cornwall Council in 2012.

22094 pl 1600 indicative development masterplan
Map of the Tuckingmill development site

Phase One

When Salboy purchased the site last year, we inherited a detailed planning approval for a first phase of development of 77 homes, including 10 affordable homes, located on part of the northern development site to the north of Kerrier Way.

Over the last few months, our team has been refining these plans and preparing to make a start on site. We have recently been undertaking some site enabling works and plan to start work to build the new homes very soon.

We will keep nearby residents informed about the works on site over the upcoming months.

Introducing Phase Two

We are currently developing our detailed proposals for the second phase of development, which will include 202 new homes on the remainder of the Tuckingmill site and the conversion of the North Lights building to provide 14 new mews houses and apartments.

The development is designed to complement the beautiful, natural Cornish surroundings as well as provide much-needed new homes for the area.

Within our second phase of development, there will be a mixture of two, three and four bedroom homes in a variety of house styles, from mews to semi-detached and detached homes. A range of materials will be used to create a varied and attractive development, including the use of stone, timber cladding and render to complement the existing house styles in the area.

The mix of house styles and sizes has been designed to respond to local demand for new homes within the Camborne area. Out of the 202 new homes within the phase two development, there will be 36 two-bedroom, 105 three-bedroom and 61 four-bedroom properties.

A central part of the proposals is to bring the historic North Lights building back into active use. In the converted North Lights building, there will be six four-bedroom mews houses and in the V-Building opposite, there will be six one-bedroom apartments and two two-bedroom apartments.

As part of the phase two proposals, there will be a total of 258 car parking spaces meaning each new property has at least new one parking space, with the larger properties having two. Secure cycle parking will also be provided.

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The landscape design is a central part of our plans.

The North Lights building was the site of the Bickford’s Fuse works where William Bickford-Smith invented and produced the safety fuse that improved working conditions for miners across the world. The fuse has been the inspiration for the landscape design around the entrance on Pendarves Street. Seasonal planting of shrubs and bulbs in hot tones of red, orange and gold will burst and fade throughout the year. Ornamental grasses will be chosen for structure and seed heads suggestive of the fuse rope.

The landscape design for the south of Kerrier Way reflects the character of the wilder landscape beyond and the important habitat of the Tuckingmill River Valley Park. Cornish hedges, native tree planting and lowland heath species will be used to define the streetscape and public space and tie these new neighbourhoods into the local landscape character.

There will also be a number of public open spaces across the Tuckingmill site, including a main public open space which will provide an area of open parkland and an orchard of Cornish fruiting varieties as well as smaller green spaces with meadow plant species and native shrubs.

The proposals also include a dedicated play area for children of all ages. Planting design across the Tuckingmill project has been considered to provide space for nature where birds, small mammals and pollinators can forage, take refuge and connect to the wider landscape.

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Transport & Accessibility

The site is well connected, with numerous public transport offers within walking distance of the site including numerous bus stops surrounding the site.

The A30 lies 1km to the north of the site and the closest train station is Camborne Station, a 23 minute walk or a 4 minute drive away.

The site is within walking distance of numerous parks and the beach, which makes the site extremely well-located for residential development.

Have your say

Before we submit planning applications for our phase two development, we would like to share our plans with members of the existing local community and take on board your feedback.

This consultation is open until 28 February 2023.

Following our consultation, we will finalise our proposals and submit two planning applications to Cornwall Council:

  • One for 202 new homes within our phase two (north and south) development.
  • One for the conversation of the North Lights and V Buildings to provide 14 new mews houses and apartments.