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Invest in the UK's Fastest Growing City Region

Greater Manchester represent the largest city region economy outside London, with a gross value added (GVA) of £62.8 billion. With up to 40% lower operating costs than London it is no surprise that Greater Manchester is the chosen location for business.

Over the past decade, the Greater Manchester region has benefitted from a multi-billion-pound injection of public / private sector investment for business and infrastructure and continues to boast the UK’s largest regional Airport with connections to over 200 countries worldwide.

The government’s pledge to invest a further £7 billion into Northern Powerhouse infrastructure proves that Manchester is ready and waiting to unlock that investment and to continue to underpin Manchester’s reputation as a global city.

  • Greater Manchester has a population of 2.73 million
  • Greater Manchester is the largest city region economy outside London
  • More than 80 of the FTSE 100 have a presence in Manchester
  • Home to 5 top universities, with a student population exceeding 100,000
  • Outside of the capital, Manchester is home to the largest airport in the UK

Manchester Buy-to-let Investments

Complete and off-plan buy-to-let investment opportunities in proven Greater Manchester city-centre locations. 

As a Mancunian business born and bred, we have discovered why Manchester offers so much for investors.

Manchester’s evolution over the last decade is unmatched. The city is bursting with amazing technology and creative industries, and it boasts an unrivaled property market. Economically, this northern city is amongst the highest-performing cities in Europe, with a rapidly expanding population of entrepreneurs, students and families. Manchester is known for its ongoing regeneration schemes that proceed to contribute intrigue, opportunity and growth to an already incredible city.

In terms of growth in the property market, the average house was determined to stand at £205,067 at the start of 2021. This is an increase of an impressive 12.12% from 2020, with this expected to rise by at least another 10% over the next year. Despite this rise, Manchester’s city centre remains an equally desirable place to live in for its transport links, diverse culture and business opportunities. However, further out, Greater Manchester is a much more affordable place to live in. The demand for residential property is higher than ever, with many residents, buyers and students looking to base themselves within the city centre itself. City living is on the rise, as numerous residents take advantage of the outstanding facilities, amenities and diversity of entertainment available.

Salboy has delivered over 2,400 homes in the Manchester area and neighbouring city of Salford, demonstrating just how passionate we are about contributing to the excellence of this vibrant city. We provide residential and commercial properties throughout central Manchester and beyond, accommodating a large mix of lifestyles. Our developments are exciting opportunities for all investors, as we promise to deliver homes to the highest standards, ensuring each aspect is designed with residents and investors in mind.

If the Manchester property market appeals to you, get in touch with our experts to discuss your investment requirements – we can help you invest your funds with confidence.

Getting Around with Manchester’s Public Transport

When deciding between properties, easy and accessible transport links can often be a deciding factor. Many rely on transport to commute to work and leisure and so convenient buses, trains, trams and roads are unsurprisingly important to many. 

With extensive tram, bus and train networks getting around Manchester and beyond couldn’t be easier. With the busiest and biggest airport outside of the capital, Manchester Airport makes national and international travel easy too.  

Transport For Greater Manchester offers great information on live travel updates and travel advice-

Major HS2 plans welcome the arrival of two new HS2 stations in the city, one close to Manchester Airport and the other integrated into Manchester Piccadilly Station. Excitingly, this new high speed rail network will further improve the connectivity between Manchester and the rest of the UK and will offer more efficient journeys, improved journey times and greater passenger capacity for those living and visiting Manchester.

manchester townhall with passing metrolink tram
manchester city centre at night

Business in Manchester

When choosing the location you want to invest in you should research the businesses opportunities in the area. Cities that are home to thriving business often draw in a greater of population of people wishing to relocate and advance their careers. By looking into the prospects for careers and upcoming jobs, you should gain an understanding of how likely people are to move to that location.

Additionally, if the area becomes a popular spot for business there may be good opportunities to invest in commercial property. If you are interested in raising your residential property portfolio, this research is equally important. With a strong job market you can typically predict a healthy demand for property from workers who are seeking homes nearby. 

North Shoring

With a number of specialised business hubs for a variety of sectors Greater Manchester has a strong yet diverse economy. In recent years many large employers have put roots in Manchester and Salford. In a process called ‘North shoring’, businesses have opted to base themselves up north, as opposed to in the south. This astute decision means that businesses benefit from cheaper overheads and a more varied talent pool in comparison to the likes of London. As this trend continues, prosperity and opportunity continues to grow in the Greater Manchester region. 

According to Oxford Economics, between 2017 and 2018, Manchester’s overall GVA grew by 3.6%, compared to 3.4% for the UK overall. At the time the city experienced the fifth-highest growth out of all the UK’s Core Cities. Since then, Manchester has continued to grow in economic strength and shows no sign of stopping in coming years.

Perhaps the most notable project in recent years is MediaCityUK – a billion-pound scheme in Salford which transformed Salford Quays Docks into a vibrant hub for business and pleasure. Home to BBC and ITV Granada, this major regeneration scheme has established a strong and lively entertainment industry within this northern city.

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Regeneration Across the City

Regeneration schemes can provide a good indicator of up and coming areas. Smart investors are drawn to these areas as they understand that by enriching these areas with new infrastructure, they attract further investment from other businesses like shops and restaurants. If you purchase real estate early on, as these areas become increasingly attractive and expensive, in the long-term they reap the financial reward of growing demand and growing property values. 

Since the Industrial Revolution Manchester has been at the forefront of innovation. Today the city continues to reinvent itself through a number of major urban regeneration projects.

HS2: Once complete HS2 will provide a network of high- speed railway lines connecting London, the Midlands, the North and Scotland. By improving connectivity across the country HS2 will increase mobility between businesses, workers and customers and lessen geographical barriers to markets, skills and knowledge.  

Airport: Manchester Airport Group (MAG) have been progressing with a 25 year master plan that aims to improve Manchester Airport’s development. The plans involve improving the environment, land, and surface access onsite along with bettering spatial and transport planning. Not only will this project improve travel, services and facilities, it will also allow MAG to continue to meet the needs of the public, partners and the livelihoods of tens of thousands of North-west residents and their families.

Salford:  From major property and transport developments to revitalised parks, waterways and green spaces, Salford is committed to a number of regeneration schemes. 

These schemes will connect neglected areas of the city and its residents to the growing opportunities in and around the area. In turn the city will experience increased economic vitality, growth and competitiveness. This will finally allow Salford to fulfil its potential as an attractive place to live, work, invest and visit.


Growing Population

Many are drawn to the city for the convenience of living in a central area near to universities, businesses and retail. It goes without saying, a growing population will inevitably lead to an increased demand for housing. One of the most important factors to consider when entering the property investment market is the population growth in that area.

Across 331 areas in England and Wales, Salford and Manchester fall into the top 15 areas with highest growth per head. With a growing population, the need for property remains high across Greater Manchester. There still remains a significant gap between property available and property demand meaning that property owners and investors maintain a monopoly over the property market.

couple holding keys to new house

High Demand, Low Supply

With a rising population and an ever-increasing interest in Greater Manchester it is no surprise that demand continues to outstrip property supply in this region. This imbalance has resulted in a lively Manchester rental market in recent years despite the economic challenges experienced across the globe. 

According to research by Urbanbubble, on the last day of September of 2021 there were just 472 apartments available to rent, an all time low. This supply-demand imbalance has subsequently led to 100% occupancy rates across many developments in the city. Since the market shows no signs of stalling, investors will continue to benefit from limited void periods and rising rental prices.


Good Rental Yields

It is essential that the location you pick has constant rental demand to avoid void periods and loss of income. For this reason, many tenants are willing to pay a higher rental prices.

Rental yields in Manchester offer lucrative returns, on average investors in Manchester are attaining rental yields of 5-6%. Meanwhile in the outer London boroughs rental yields are at highs of just 4% in Barking and Dagenham and lows of 2% in Richmond upon Thames. 

With lower prices and higher gains it is understandable that the North-West is attracting both tenants and landlords, a trend which is forecast to continue into 2022 and beyond. 

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