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Salboy is a property development company with quality, value, creativity and passion at the forefront of its vision. Here at Salboy, we’ve put together our development portfolio to showcase the variety of projects our esteemed team has completed to an exceptional standard. We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do, starting with the extensive planning, creative designs and careful construction of our properties.

For us, property development is about executing pristine quality in the deliverance of residential accommodation. Our goal is to visualise and accomplish finished properties that exceed the expectations and needs of our residents. We strive to embed value to residential communities, as well as create stand-out architecture and interiors that represent luxury and class. We believe in developing homes that are purposeful and meaningful. By incorporating innovative design and collaborating with the best development partners, we infuse consistent quality and value into each of our projects.

Our attention to detail, design and quality is exemplified in over 2,400 homes that we have previously worked on. Salboy is committed to the entire development process, cooperating with professional partners to ensure that each property meets our exceptional standards.

Salboy approaches property development with both residents and investors in mind. We are confident that our team of experts and knowledgeable partners can deliver superb projects that make worthwhile investments. All of our properties incorporate key features that appeal to investors. Whether that be the prime location of a property, or our desirable furnishing and layouts – investment is valuable to Salboy.

We are persistently diligent and focused on developing extraordinary properties, ensuring that our properties make perfect homes for residents across the UK. We understand the importance of producing pristine, valuable homes without compromising an inch of quality.

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Why Choose A Salboy For Your New Home?

At Salboy, we are recognised across the UK for our emphasis on sustainable living, as well as our passion for quality and devotion to high-standard development. We recognise the areas in which communities could benefit from property development, and we have made it our mission to extend our expertise to the wider community.

Salboy’s approach to development is extremely unique in that we control and manage each element of the process. We are passionate about the progression of each of our concepts, controlling and managing every development stage

The deep involvement of our fantastic partners, at every step of the way, ensures that our vision on quality and value is always executed on every project.

Part of what makes Salboy’s developments so special is our excellent partnerships. The contractors and organisations we collaborate with are hard-working, conscientious and equally committed to producing high-quality builds. Some examples of our contractors include DOMISLOCAL and Urban Bubble – all of which are acknowledged for their incredible work. Through our fantastic working relationships with the best contractors, we are able to consistently deliver unique, luxurious homes.

In addition to the individual properties we construct, our team will set out to establish an excellent understanding of the surrounding area. We look at every aspect of our concepts, from start to finish, liaising with local authorities to discuss long-term prospects and how our developments benefit the community. 

By gaining a clear understanding of local areas and how our developments can add substantial value, we can continue to elevate economic growth within each city.

What You Can Expect From A Salboy Property

Salboy’s objective is to design and supply brand new homes that transcend the requirements of its residents. From state-of-the-art furnishings to impeccable amenities, fixtures and appliances – quality is never compromised.

Our aim is to design and construct properties that are not only homely and comfortable, but also creative and original. 

The properties we develop are made to suit a variety of residents. You can expect to see properties of all shapes and sizes, all of which can be utilized by a wide range of people. Not one property is designed without consideration for the prospective inhabitants and their lifestyles. We strive to accommodate as many different homeowners as possible and to ensure that our properties are diverse and flexible. We have residential accommodation available to families, students, professionals and first-time buyers. 

Although our properties are designed to provide homes for buyers, our properties are also perfect for property investment and buy-to-let investments for landlords.

The properties we create offer a breadth of investment advantages, beginning with location. Our developments never fail to make fantastic property investments due to the careful placement of them. WIthout a doubt, it is crucial that investors dedicate time and money to properties that are in demand, tenable and affordable. Salboy provides properties that tick every box for potential investors, as investment potential is closely examined throughout our planning process.

Salboy boasts an amazing portfolio of worthwhile investments in high-demand locations, particularly throughout Manchester and Salford. 

We appreciate the needs of potential residents and keep their expectations in mind at all times; as such, our homes and commercial spaces are built to last. Renovation and maintenance can be disregarded, as Salboy promises luxury, quality and durability. Our properties provide everything a resident needs to feel at home the moment they move in. 

One vital aspect of any property development is location. We are incredibly strategic where location is concerned and persistently identify idyllic locations to hone in on. We approach each development plan with location in mind. It is essential that we consider accessibility to schools, transport links and city centres. We explore endless possibilities when it comes to planning our next project to ensure we can offer properties in prime locations. Whether that be London, Manchester or Newquay – all of our properties are positioned in carefully considered areas.

Although we work in many UK areas, you can expect to see most of our developments in and around Manchester and Salford. Our heart and passion lie within the Manchester area and all that the city has to offer.

Why Live In Manchester?

For several years, Manchester has been voted as one of the top UK cities to live in. Manchester is a growing city, both in industry, economics and in population. It is quickly becoming the place to be outside of London for young professionals and growing families. Manchester is the 3rd biggest city in the UK but has the biggest city-living demand outside of London. In fact, the Manchester property market had the largest increase in average house prices in the UK last year. This resulted in ever-expanding development plans, with the demand for residential buildings and new homes reaching an all-time high.

Manchester has a large creative industry and is home to media organisations such as the BBC and ITV. Due to this, Manchester’s impressive centralised creative hub (Media City) is just one of the many beautiful places to visit in this outstanding city. What’s more, many of the UK’s biggest creative agencies and companies reside in the city of Manchester, making it increasingly alluring for many creatives with plenty of opportunities for everyone. 

From the innovative Northern Quarter to the world-class nightlife, to the multicultural food scene, Manchester oozes originality. It’s no wonder why so many people are flocking to live and work in the city. Manchester is also known for having affordable housing, especially compared to other cities like London. Manchester has almost everything that London has to offer, without the crippling living costs.

As a property development company, we choose to invest heavily in the city of Manchester due to the exceptionally low housing costs. Salboy aims to provide quality and value to residents, which is easily accomplished when our developments are based in this affordable Northern city. 

Manchester is known for its selection of theatres, clubs, entertainment and restaurants. In fact, London’s West End is almost identical to the theatre scenes of Manchester, with the likes of the Palace Theatre and the Opera House. WIth an impressive annual schedule, Manchester is never short of shows and performances. If that’s not enough, the city is packed with beautiful attractions including Manchester Cathedral, the Imperial War Museum, the Manchester Art Gallery, and the Manchester Museum. And families have certainly not been forgotten, as the city is home to the ever-popular Science and Industry Museum, and the Play Factore. Little ones are spoilt for choice when it comes to fun and educational day trips in the city. There’s always plenty of things to do in Manchester, regardless of whether or not you’re a tourist or a resident.

One of the biggest benefits of living in Manchester is the transport links. You can travel across the city using the Metrolink trams and a range of buses that are readily available and are regularly praised for their affordability and reliability. One of Manchester’s travel highlights is the free bus service that takes residents and tourists enroute to key city destinations. National rail services also run from Manchester to cities across the UK, including London, Liverpool and Leeds. Travelling around the UK from Manchester is incredibly easy, which is particularly important for people who need to move around for their job.

Manchester is home to excellent universities including the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, and the Royal Northern College of Music. This, combined with the city’s transport and low-cost housing, makes Manchester great for students. 

Salboy continuously builds properties with student’s interests in mind. Some of our developments are based directly between the biggest Universities of Manchester, offering excellent amenities and modern facilities. In our Burlington Square district, there are 273 furnished apartments and a range of communal areas available to prospective students.

Manchester has always been at the forefront of innovation since it was the world’s first industrial city. Today, Manchester continues to shine and impress at a global level. It is a leading European business destination as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and persists to be a city that innovates across a variety of sectors.

Home to Media City – where the BBC calls home – as well as one of the fastest growing startup scenes in the UK, it has truly earned its status as THE northern powerhouse. But it’s not just tech that makes Manchester great. It is a city that incorporates everything that is great about the north of England – it’s why many see Manchester as the capital of the North.

The city’s music scene is arguably the best in the UK. No one knows quite what it is about the city that creates such consistent talent, but Manchester churns out some of the best musicians in the world from The Stone Roses to Oasis. The Mancunians’ pride in their iconic music scene is evident in the walls, shops and attractions of the city. Manchester is home to some amazing music venues such as the Warehouse Project and Manchester Arena, making the city centre vibrant and alive each and every night.

In addition to the fantastic variation of restaurants and attractions, annual events in Manchester attract tourists worldwide. The Christmas Markets here are second to none. SInce 1988, this festive event runs throughout the entirety of December, boasting an exceptional range of festive market stalls scattered throughout the city. The mouth-watering food stalls, deluxe hot chocolate huts and unique arts and craft shops keep Manchester overloaded with joyful customers throughout the Christmas season.


Potentially the biggest regeneration project, Spinningfields has become the hub of Manchester’s financial sector and hosts a plethora of incredible restaurants and bars. The £1.5 billion scheme offers residents of Manchester a brand new destination to work, eat and drink. Spinningfields has further plans to expand, with many more construction sites set up to proceed in erecting brand new buildings. 

Northern Quarter

A popular spot for students and tourists, the Northern Quarter is recognised nationwide for its assortment of independent stores and restaurants. Many will refer to the Northern Quarter as the home of delicious food. You can expect to see hundreds of independent restaurants to suit all tastes, delivering an excellent standard of quality food. The creative spirit of this spectacular area runs high with artistic backstreets, edgy architecture and alternative shops. The Afflecks building is the heart of the Northern Quarter and bleeds originality. Often rated as one of the best worldwide attractions, visiting Afflecks is easily considered a ‘must’ when it comes to Manchester day trips. Afflecks’ multiple indoor market stalls and cafes represent an alternative and gothic style and capture the history and originality of Manchester. One of our contemporary one-bedroom apartment blocks also features in this area of Manchester. Transmission House contains opulent penthouses, spacious open-plan apartments and chic furnishings. 


One of the oldest sections of the city, Deansgate contains some of the most intricate Victortian buildings, including John Rylands Library and Victoria Station. Deansgate is not short of bars and restaurants, all of which can be enjoyed prior to a concert or performance at one of the many theatre or music venues. Deansgate is also home to our brand-new, 40-storey residential tower, Vidaux. Viadux residents benefit from the fantastic amenities and cafes that this exquisite building offers.

Property Investment In Manchester

Investing in property comes with a long list of requirements and considerations. In an ever-evolving property market, investment opportunities continue to grow, potentially making decisions much tougher. However, Greater Manchester continues to be one of the UK’s most popular, beneficial areas to invest in. Salboy’s first-hand experience within investment in Manchester has been nothing short of successful. We are passionate about delivering meaningful properties that enhance and compliment this property development hotspot.

Manchester represents the largest UK city region economy outside London, with an economy worth £62.8 billion. This strength has enabled the city of Manchester to establish an excellent reputation as a competitive place to do business. Manchester withholds a diverse and high-quality portfolio of business properties. Many companies choose to invest in Manchester because of the people that choose to live, work and study here. Manchester’s occupancy rates and population are growing year on year and are fast becoming a desirable destination to live in the UK. As the population grows, so does the high demand for housing. 

Manchester is unarguably one of the North West’s biggest and busiest cities, with a population of over half a million people. There are countless attractions, career opportunities and universities that keep this city alive. With an ever-increasing population and booming property market, house prices are expected to rise within the next few years. Despite this, this extraordinary city boasts some of the lowest property prices in the UK. The hustle and bustle of the city along with low-cost housing is what attracts investors and residents alike. 

From the start of the Industrial Revolution and ever since, Manchester has carved a name for itself as a major contributor to the improvement of the UK’s economy. Year upon year, thousands of jobs are created through the development of numerous construction projects. In turn, it has become the UK’s hub for professionals and investors. Residential construction within the city drives a sizable amount of property investment opportunities, with a large demand for domestic and commercial properties in Manchester. 

This Northern city has proudly gained a reputation as the best place in the UK for start-up businesses, attracting thousands of professionals to the region. In addition, Salford’s Media City is central to the rapidly growing economy, making Manchester the heart of the digital revolution. 

It goes without saying that Manchester’s recent and ongoing regeneration projects continue to enhance the unique identity of Manchester. Across Europe, Manchester is acknowledged as the fastest growing city due to its impressive skyscrapers and several construction sites, making Manchester a cosmopolitan epicentre.  The 1996 Manchester bombing became the springboard for regeneration plans. As key landmarks were damaged, such as the infamous Arndale shopping centre, remodelling was essential. The landscape of this wonderful city has evolved and improved rapidly over the past few years. The continuous creative redevelopment plans keep Manchester modern, fresh and exciting. Those are just some of the reasons why over 500,000 people choose to live and invest in property in Manchester.

Here at Salboy, our passion lies with the City of Manchester and Salford, as we continue to recognise the excellent potential of this exciting Northern region. As experts in property development and investment, we have devised a useful guide containing everything you need to know about the industry. For additional investment information, you can download our Manchester Investment Guide on our website. 

Our development company promises to provide great investment opportunities throughout Manchester. Contact us to learn more about investing in Manchester.

What To Look For In Your New Home

The decision to buy or rent a new home is one that comes with complexities and setbacks. After hours of flicking through house listings, It is vital as part of your house searching process to find a property that seeps potential. Afterall, this property needs to meet your requirements and eventually feel like home. Here are some key points to consider before making your final decision:

Planning And List Making

Going into your house search without any solid notes and requirement lists can be messy and dangerous. There are many preferences, big and small, to keep in mind that could make or break your decision making. Organise a notebook into sections that you and your family/housemates can collaborate on. Take care to consider the daily needs of each person, including any accessibility requirements and note them accordingly. Once you have a complete catalogue of home necessities, start to make your moving home checklist. The process of moving home is long and complicated, therefore, planning each stage is imperative. Make use of online tools and search engines that assist with planning, as these can ensure that no necessary steps are missed. 

Location, Location, Location

The place you choose to call home must be in close proximity to all of the locations that are important to you. As a family moving home, deciding on the right school is crucial. Ideally, your new home should be well connected to the town centre, transport links and business opportunities. Ensure to conduct extensive research into the area you wish to move to, factoring in any additional requirements that may impact your decision.

Close Inspection

It is easy to view a property without close inspection of the finer details that matter. Although your agent will provide an in-depth viewing, take care to analyse structures, electrics and mechanical systems. Do not be afraid of turning on bath taps and flicking switches, as any issues that arise with these could seriously impact your decision. Furthermore, the condition of the walls, windows and doors is also important to check during a house viewing. Look closely at window seals and door frames, as you do not want to move into a property that requires instant repair and maintenance. 

Finally, be sure to visualise yourself in the house. Draw out the floor plan, get a feel for the atmosphere and envisage the layout of each room. If you strongly feel connected to a property and see extreme potential, you may have found your home. 

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Our customer services team and property specialists are always available to advise and inform. If you have an enquiry relating to our homes for sale, want to rent, or require professional advice on investing – please contact us today. 

Salboy provides contemporary, quality residential property like no other. If you are looking for a brand-new, extraordinary home in Manchester, look no further than our innovative property developments. Our team of professionals prioritise our residents and investors, ensuring that we deliver only the best accommodation and customer service. 

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