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Here at Salboy, we’re extremely passionate about developing the best residential environments out there. Our vision has been to support and fund property developments that seamlessly integrate with surrounding landscapes, giving residents a great place to live and adding value to the wider community. Over the past 12 months, we have completed over 1,300 high-grade homes around the UK.

Whether you’re considering us for your new home, an investment opportunity or need support in financing a development for your next project, we deliver nothing short of premium quality and unquestionable value. We invest our time, money and resources into creating prestige developments that promote economic growth for the community and the investors. As both a lender and a developer, you’ll have access to our unrivalled knowledge and expertise. By adopting an approach that puts quality and value first, we ensure that every development is a perfect place to live, work and enjoy.

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Why Choose A Salboy Development?

Salboy works hard to ensure that every development project is completed to perfection. We furnish and finalise each and every property with premium amenities and features, moulding every apartment into a liveable space. Although we understand the importance of personalisation, we like our residents to feel at home the moment they view our properties. Therefore, our apartments come fully furnished to make the move-in process hassle-free. When it comes to the visualisation of our interiors, our design team puts every effort into carefully selecting furniture that is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and modern. 

Our company mission is to build upon communities, adding value to the cities that we’re helping to develop. We achieve this by collaborating with like-minded organisations, all of which adopt equal goals to accomplish quality developments. Salboy proudly cooperates with some of the best names in the industry to design, create, manage and deliver the highest quality properties. Our close relationships with construction and property management services ensure that each step of the process runs smoothly and efficiently. The properties we construct are made with attention to detail, vigilance and passion. In addition, we take great pride and care in aiding the entire development process through to completion. It is vital for us that each and every step is completed with care and quality, which is why we remain present to ensure this is implemented. Our thoughtful approach to development generates persistent success throughout everything we do. 

Here at Salboy, we prioritise adding valuable assets to the locations we choose to build in. Our specialist teams conduct thorough research surrounding the areas we develop in to ensure our projects meet the demands of each city. Our focus is centralised around constructing homes that exceed the needs of our investors and residents. To achieve this goal, we closely observe the lifestyles, careers, demographics and needs of the community. Our extensive research then allows us to provide useful, meaningful properties for prospective residents. 

Salboy is committed to delivering homes directly to residents, cutting out the middleman – estate agents – to avoid unnecessary hassle. In doing so, costs remain low.. By dealing directly with the development team, you can rest assured that any queries or paperwork will be dealt with both professionally and efficiently. Our customer service team will always make sure that communication with our buyers and investors is prioritised.

What We Do: Providing New Homes & Beyond

Salboy’s ventures first began in property lending and investment. We invested in projects with equity holdings and assisted with property developments throughout the UK. We look to assist with the funding of innovative developments, financially supporting strong visions with excellent potential. 

As well as taking on large projects throughout the North West, we develop properties nationwide. Our choice of development areas depends largely on the property market forecast and the requirements of the community. When conducting research for each project, we look in-depth at the surrounding neighbourhood, communicating with local authorities to discuss property plans. We understand the importance of adding value to an area. Consequently, properties that we develop are made with local residents in mind. By closely considering the needs of local communities, we can ensure that our commercial and residential properties exceed all expectations. Whether it be building apartments close to universities, or providing central office space with modern amenities, we build with purpose. We are proud of our reputation for providing ingenious residential and commercial developments. As a result, it is an essential aspect of our ethos that all projects we collaborate with, develop and fund represent high-quality and value. 

Property Development Finance

When it comes to financially assisting projects that we believe in, we are eager to implement our ideals and company values. Along with over 2,400 completed developments, all ongoing projects are delivered to a high standard. We offer our support to the projects we see potential in. As a lender, we look at the quality of your proposed property and how well it may work for residents. If we align with your vision and we see potential in your proposal, you could be eligible for £4,000,000 in financial support for your project. Additionally, our varied criterion for eligibility means that there are lots of opportunities for developers. By investing our time and money into properties, we work to encourage prosperity and economic growth. 

To understand more about our property finance options, please refer to our website and PDF.

Property Investment

One of the biggest, beneficial investment opportunities lies within the property market. Property investment is considered the most worthwhile investment due to the likelihood of receiving large returns. The UK property market takes its place as the most reliable and popular markets worldwide. WIth a range of investment opportunities, the UK property market guarantees maximised returns, stability and high rental yields. 

We dedicate ourselves to constructing high-quality, valuable properties that we are confident will make worthwhile investments. Our portfolio of commercial and residential developments ranges from off-plan to buy-to-let opportunities. All of our exceptional developments are completed to perfection, ready to be occupied by residents and are available to investors. As everything we do here at Salboy keeps residents and investors at the forefront, you can rest assured that your investment with us is valuable.

Salboy understands the complexities of investment and how decisions need to be made carefully and diligently. Therefore, our useful guides and advisors are always on hand to point you in the right direction. By discussing your financial goals and strategy, Salboy can best advise you with your investments. Our valuable experience in the property industry has provided us with extensive knowledge surrounding investment and development. As a result, we are proud to present ourselves as property investment experts, assisting organisations and individuals with our top tips. We have curated our free, downloadable Property Investment Guide, which promises to provide you with a solid grounding in investment. 

Property Investment In Salford And Manchester

One of the most important elements of property investment decisions is location. To benefit from the long-term advantages of investment, it is crucial that desired properties attract tenants to earn you a high investment return. To finalise your decisions, you must conduct extensive research on collated data on each location. By closely analysing statistical data on trends, forecasts, rental yields and house prices, you can ensure that the correct investment is made.

A desirable property may be perfect on the inside, but what maintains the tenant’s interest is the location of it. A tenant must have access to transport links, local schools and nursery facilities, shops and attractions. The more desirable the location, the higher the rental yield and income from the property. Although traditional property investment has always focussed on the capital city, London has slowly become less appealing to investors nationwide. Unsurprisingly, a rising number of people and businesses are vacating the city of London and relocating to the North, where living costs are cheaper and property rentals are more affordable.

For as long as we have been involved in property development and investment, we have established a strong relationship with Manchester and Salford. We have witnessed the fast evolution of these areas and strongly believe in the potential of the property market. The North West has a predicted house price growth rate of at least 28.8% in the next five years. This means that the North est’s housing market is fast becoming unrivalled, as businesses and investors continue to divert their attention to this area of the UK. Numerous regeneration projects developed across Manchester and Salford are revitalising the city, furthering the allure of Manchester and making it even more liveable. 

With growing demands to buy, let and invest in the North West, we position Greater Manchester as the strongest contender in North West property investment. 

Greater Manchester is home to a significant amount of businesses from all sectors. In particular, the technology sector and creative industries. The strong student population and incredible variety of job opportunities make this Northern city a top choice for investors worldwide. Greater Manchester has a unique culture, bringing together some of the most incredible entertainment venues and restaurants. With an energetic nightlife, fantastic schedule of annual events and numerous business opportunities, the Northern Powerhouse is the ideal investment area.

The skyline of Manchester is rapidly expanding – cranes and skyscrapers liven up the city’s sky, and there are investment opportunities around every corner.

Manchester boasts the largest city region economy outside of London, making Greater Manchester the destination for large corporations. Furthermore, Manchester currently ranks highly as one of the top hotspots for business startups globally. Consequently, many young professionals and entrepreneurs are choosing to start a business or relocate to Manchester. Being the heart of the digital revolution, Manchester attracts professionals and students every single year. WIth businesses continuously looking to migrate to Manchester, the demand for residential areas, office space and facilities is higher than ever. 

Why Live In Salford?

Salford is a region that neighbours Manchester city centre, and which is often overlooked or dismissed. However, Salford is integral to the ever-growing economy of Greater Manchester. Salford is home to over 8,700 businesses and has fast become a dynamic, commercial area that has seen significant growth in development projects. Over the past decade, development companies have worked hard to transform the landscape of Salford to make it an exciting hub of work opportunities. Manchester’s neighbouring city earns itself a fantastic reputation when it comes to nightlife, business and university life. Salboy has paid close attention to the ways in which Salford has been shaped into an excellent centre for property investment. For this reason and plenty more, Salboy continues to cooperate with local organisations, developers and investors to breathe life into Salford. 

One of the major advantages of investing, living and working in Salford is its close proximity to Manchester’s city centre. Salford offers residents beautiful woodlands, parks and historical settings, without being too far away from the hustle and bustle at the heart of Manchester. For residents that work or visit Manchester daily, the reliable range of trams and buses provides efficient travel to and from the neighbouring cities. 

Transport and connections are crucial to any property development and investment, as tenants are much more likely to occupy a property that is well connected to city centres. The affordable and dependable Metrolink service ensures that residents, be they students, professionals or otherwise, can travel with ease. Many residents find this format of travel advantageous when it comes to entering the creative world of Media City. 

MediaCityUK is arguably one of the biggest development projects to reside in Salford. Uniting creative industries around the UK, Salford has become the home of media and entertainment. Salford Quays is now inhabited by the likes of ITV, BBC and a further 250 businesses, unarguably enhancing the range of opportunities available in business and property. Tourism is strong within Salford Quays and MediaCityUK due to the recurring events and projects that encourage thousands of visitors every day. Salford certainly has gained exceptional exposure due to the transitioning of MediaCityUK, undoubtedly putting this forgotten city back on the map.

Countless regeneration projects and plans are surfacing for Salford, as more investors and developers identify the extreme potential of the area. The growth strategy for Salford includes the implementation of additional homes, schools, offices, facilities and infrastructure. The ambitious development plans for Salford open several avenues, as residents and professionals alike succumb to all that Salford offers. Manchester city centre is known for high-cost homes and apartments, whereas home prices in Salford are significantly lower. Salford has an array of impressive affordable properties. The average prices of homes in Salford are unmatched for an area so close to the city of Manchester. The competitive housing costs compliment our mantra at Salboy: to provide top-quality homes at affordable prices. 

Each area of Salford has something different to offer in terms of housing. With riverside penthouses on offer, to one bedroom apartments, to large, luxurious family homes – Salford has it all. With the increasing demand for housing and property developments in Salford, Salboy is committed to adding value to this innovative borough. 

When it comes to listing the tremendous reasons to take up residence in Salford, the educational benefits cannot go unmissed. Currently, there are development plans to implement a brand new school within the area of Weaste, expanding the school choices for residents. Salford is proudly home to one of Manchester’s top universities – the University of Salford. Offering courses within business administration, arts and media and science and technology, Salford University has major appeal for both local and international prospective students. 

The university has embarked on various developments, and a great number of projects have been carried out in relation to the University, providing additional jobs and educational possibilities. One of these development projects includes the £22m Mary Seacole building, which provides a specialised facility for Health and Social Care students. Additionally, students studying Media and Film-related courses benefit from the MediaCityUK campus. This research and learning space is forward-thinking and ultimately submerges students straight into the Creative Industry.

New Homes In Salford

Salboy’s mission is to develop homes for residents that add value to the surrounding community. By investing and developing within Salford, we work hard to continue representing the innovation and creativity that Salford is known for. One of our biggest development projects in Salford is our exclusive, contemporary housing district – Castle Irwell Homes. In the planning, design and construction of these stunning homes, we prioritised tranquility and quality. These opulent homes are situated by the River Orwell, supplying picturesque views to all residents. The homes within this complex are made to meet the requirements of various occupants. It was essential in the planning process to ensure the inclusion of families, couples and students, resulting in 9 types of accommodation. Despite the tranquil location, these homes are conveniently situated just 15 minutes from the centre of Manchester. We are always sure to provide location, convenience, quality and excellence in the deliverance of all Salboy properties.

Our portfolio of homes across Salford and Manchester exemplifies our in-depth approach to development. By embedding value, quality, uniqueness and modernism to our properties, we can ensure that Salboy properties are always first-class. Luxury yet affordable properties for the residents of Salford are key to our company values, which is why we developed Local Crescent. 

Comprising 399 decadent, unique apartments, Local Crescent provides hotel-level amenity to the homes of its tenants.  This prestigious development was carefully constructed to reflect city living at its finest. The premium fixtures and furnishings, partnered with modern amenities in each apartment, were carefully selected to create high-end, quality homes. Local Crescent is made up of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, which offer flexibility and variation. Located in a rejuvenated area of Salford, surrounded by beautiful parkland, every Local Crescent home has vibrant nature all around. This district was thoughtfully designed with residents’ requirements at the forefront. As a resident in this deluxe complex, you can utilise the heated pool, cinema and gym. This wonderful, lifestyle-orientated development is perfectly suited to families and professionals looking to live in the vibrant city of Salford.

Why Get Your New Home Directly From Salboy

Buying your home straight from the developer comes with many advantages. In several cases, the employment of estate agents can incur substantial costs that can be avoided. Saving costs of estate agents and middlemen can substantially reduce fees, allowing you to spend more on the personalisation of your home, or maximising your returns. 

At Salboy, we see our projects all the way from the initial planning stages to construction and completion. We are passionate about the delivery of our properties, verifying that each stage of development is completed with diligence and care. When you purchase or invest in a property with us, a brand new home or property is guaranteed. All of our properties are built with the inclusion of high-quality furnishings and decor, ensuring that no maintenance or repairs are required. The installation of impressive technology also makes Salboy properties unique. By buying directly from the developer, meticulous design and construction are guaranteed. 

Prospective tenants and investors can benefit from communicating directly with the developer, eliminating potential miscommunication. We aim to deliver excellent customer service to all of our customers, making the buying, renting or investment process smooth and simple. At Salboy, our objective is to distribute our completed properties in an uncomplicated, customer-focused manner. Our specialist teams are trained to best advise investors, buyers and tenants and offer professional customer service. We prioritise the needs of prospective tenants by understanding your goals and individual requirements. From this, we are able to guide you towards the accommodation that best suits you. 

Looking For A New Home In Salford? Contact Us Today

Let Salboy provide you with accommodation that is meaningful to you. Our consistent completion of properties that are built with the wider community in mind ensures that there are homes available to suit all. Whether you are a professional looking to move to the Salford area or a student or family looking to rent or buy, we are here for you. Our property experts are always available to discuss your needs and answer all enquiries. If any of our properties work for you, or you require additional information on our developments and services, talk to us today.