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Put simply, we’re passionate about creating and developing the best residential environments out there. We’ve always been committed to this vision – even when we started as a lender, we were keen to support and fund property developments that would provide residents with a great place to live, whilst adding value to the wider community. As we’ve evolved and expanded over the past few years, we’ve used our own resources to create residential developments across the UK. By adopting an approach that puts quality first, we ensure that every development is a perfect place to live, work and play.

If you’d like to find out more about our residential developments, or our other services including investment opportunities and property development finance, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who will be happy to answer any questions or provide further information.

What We Do

Here at Salboy, a property development company based in the North West, we’re passionate about delivering developments across the UK that exemplify quality and add value to the wider community. So far, we’ve delivered over 2400 homes across the UK and continue to add to our exciting collection of developments here in the UK. 

To ensure maximum quality and value, we have a clear approach to delivering popular developments – it is this approach that has made us, and our developments, so successful over the years. From the earliest planning stages when the development is simply just a design to completion and delivery, we always prioritise quality. We invest our own time, money and resources into our developments, so we’re committed to delivering developments that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Our approach to property development benefits all parties from our partners to investors and, most importantly, the residents and the surrounding community. This long-term approach ensures that not only will residents be living in one of the best residential developments, but we can create economic growth in the town or city we’ve developed in.

We manage the entire development process from concept to construction and completion. Upon completion, our homes are then ready to be occupied by residents. There’s no middleman or long process when it comes to securing your new home – you can get your property directly from us, the developer. 

Our Developments

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Why get a new home directly from the developer?

You can usually save money

Many estate agents will take substantial commissions by helping you to find, buy or rent a property. This is a perk for both prospective residents and investors – by cutting out the middleman and going directly to the developer, you can usually save money. That money can then be spent on other valuable things, such as additions for your new home to give it a personal touch, or things that will help to maximise the return on your investment. 

Houses and apartments that instantly feel like home

When you get your new home directly from the developer, you’re getting a brand new property. That means there’s no need for continuous maintenance, repairs and renovations to make your property feel like home. Here at Salboy, our developments meet and exceed the needs of residents and come with modern furnishings, as well as all the necessary fixtures and appliances to make life easy and enjoyable. 

Buying directly from a developer means moving into a property that feels like home instantly, and if you do want to make some slight changes to add your personal touch, this is much easier to do in a property that’s already modern and furnished as opposed to working with a blank canvas. The latter can also be a lot more expensive.

The latest technology, trends and social spaces

We want you to feel at home from the moment you see your new property. A big part of feeling comfortable in your new home is by having the latest technology and mod cons that will go a long way to making your home life easier and much more enjoyable. We’re always keen to install impressive features into our properties and our apartment buildings. This includes impressive amenities that help to turn our developments into communities with great social spaces. Because developers work with designers to decide on furnishings and colours, you know that your property will be on-trend when you buy directly from the developer.

No middleman and no miscommunication

When you decide to buy directly from a developer, you eliminate any middleman and any potential for miscommunication and misunderstandings. Better still, buying from a developer eliminates the additional costs that come with dealing with estate agents throughout the buying or renting process. Without this middleman, there’s less chance of delays, misunderstandings and any bias. When you buy directly from us, we put your best interests first, always. We’ll also ensure communication is smooth and that the entire process is effective and efficient.

What To Look For In A New Home

Finding the right home for you involves many key considerations. Here are just a few things you should look out for when deciding on a new home that’s right for you:

Location and surroundings

Once you’ve got your property, you can really make it your own with a few changes, but one thing you cannot change is the location. Ideally, you want a new home in a location that offers fantastic transport links, good employment opportunities and plenty of things to do. You should consider what’s important to you when choosing a location. Do you want somewhere within the heart of the city centre or town centre, with a great social scene? Or somewhere just on the outskirts, so you can enjoy the balance between a quieter area and a bustling city? If you have a family, you might need to consider local primary schools and secondary schools too.

Bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as overall space

You should consider how many bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll need in your new home, based on how many people will be living there and how much space you’ll need. You should make these considerations before you start your search for a new home – you don’t want to fall in love with a property to find out that it doesn’t have the space you’ll need. You may also want to consider having an extra bedroom to be used for other purposes, such as an office space. As well as this, you should consider your desire for a garden and then factor this into your search.

Those special finishing touches

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference in a home. Adding extra features, fixtures and mod cons to a home can make your life a lot easier – if having these little finishing touches in a property is important to you, keep an eye out for them when you’re looking to buy a property. When you get a property directly from Salboy, you’ll enjoy lots of finishing touches and additional features in your living space, making your home both modern and comfortable.

How you feel when you see it

When you have a look at a potential new home, make a mental note of how you feel in the space. Could you see yourself being comfortable and happy there? Do you feel excited about a potential future in that property? Many people say that they know instantly when they’ve found the right home. Here at Salboy, we’re passionate about delivering homes that residents feel excited about and comfortable living in.

Why Choose A Salboy Development As Your New Home?

Our locations

For us, location is key. When it comes to planning our next development, we look for locations that we know residents will love to be in, whether that’s Salford, Manchester, London, Newquay or elsewhere in the UK. Delivering residential developments in prime locations with a lot to offer is a huge part of our approach.

Of course, as Salfordians and Mancunians, our passion lies with Salford and Manchester – we love and appreciate all that these great cities have to offer. Whether it’s a development in a Manchester City Centre spot or something just outside of town, our residents can enjoy all that these cities have to offer.

We’re particularly keen to put Salford back on the map. Whilst many focus on everything that Manchester can offer, Salford often gets overlooked. Yet this great city has been subject to substantial financial investment in recent times and a focus on regeneration of the city. More than just Manchester’s neighbour, this city deserves a reputation as an exceptional place to live, in its own right.

Aside from Manchester and Salford, our criteria remain the same for our developments further afield across the UK. No matter where we decide to deliver our developments, the location has to be right. That means economic growth, good employment levels and plenty of things to do, to provide our residents with an environment that’s ideal for working hard and playing hard.

A quality build

Quality is central to our approach. Residents deserve to live in a quality development, so that’s exactly what we deliver to ensure their comfort and safety. Whilst some developers might cut corners in an attempt to save money, that’s not how we do things here at Salboy – quality is always prioritised. We don’t make decisions based on cost savings, we make decisions based on what’s best for the building and the residents that plan to occupy it. 

Our collaboration is crucial for the delivery of our outstanding residential developments. After all, to deliver quality and add value, we have to work with partners who share our commitment and vision. That’s why we work with our dedicated construction arm, DOMIS Construction, during the build process, and Urban Bubble as part of our ‘LOCAL’ partnership, to offer property management services.

Features and amenities

Each Salboy development is delivered with an array of features and amenities for residents to enjoy. From New York-style Manchester apartments in the heart of the city centre to homes with riverside settings surrounded by wildlife, each of our developments has a unique character to suit a range of tastes and lifestyles. Going beyond the ordinary for residents is just standard for us here. 

Our developments come with state of the art features for residents to enjoy. From the earliest planning stages, we create thoughtful layouts to maximise space and comfort. We then focus on incorporating premium fittings and fixtures as well as high-end finishes to provide a sleek, modern look. 

The amenities that are often featured in our developments are extraordinary and go far beyond the standard offerings of other city-centre homes and apartments. Here are just some of the amenities that are developments boast:

  • Workspaces for residents, so you can work hard in a comfortable environment.
  • Terrace gardens, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air.
  • Gymnasiums and yoga studios for those that are keen to keep fit.
  • Cinema rooms, so you can enjoy entertainment.
  • Heated swimming pools, solariums, saunas and spas to help you relax and unwind.
  • Private lounges, bars and attached restaurants, so you can enjoy your downtime.

Our Criteria For Developments

For our residents

To ensure that our developments are built with quality and value at their core, we’ll only deliver developments in locations that will benefit the resident first and foremost. Everyone deserves to love where they live, which is why we focus on creating spaces that our residents feel comfortable and happy in. For us, this doesn’t just mean creating exciting developments, it means choosing the right locations that our residents will benefit from, both in their personal and work lives.

We focus on developing in central locations so that residents can be amongst the bright lights of the city, in an exceptional location for shopping, wining and dining and scoping out fantastic career opportunities. Just take Salford as a fantastic example. After a boost in financial investment to kickstart the regeneration of the city, there’s been a whole host of businesses making Salford their home. This has significantly increased employment levels and opportunities, making it a great place for professionals to live.

The city also provides a wealth of opportunities for students, thanks to Salford University and other nearby Manchester universities. For those interested in all things digital, Salford Quays and MediaCityUK make desirable locations as the home of BBC, ITV and Channel 4 Studios. Salford is always our favourite example – as Salfordians, we’re passionate about the rebirth of this great city. It’s always had potential, but it just needed some investment to bring out the best in it. 

Whilst we’re passionate about Salford and Greater Manchester, we’re a UK-wide developer, so we’re just as passionate about putting the Salboy stamp on other major cities and towns in the UK, including London. Our vision is to keep delivering impressive developments for residents across the UK to enjoy, in cities and towns and will add value to their lives, whilst we add value to those areas. 

For our investors

Putting our residents first also helps our investors to maximise their return on investment (ROI) too. By selecting locations that help residents to live a fantastic lifestyle, thanks to career opportunities and things to do, we’re inevitably selecting locations that have a demand for rental homes. When cities are subject to regeneration and offer so much to their residents, people want to live there. That means the population grows as people begin to move – whether that’s for their career, their studies, or simply to embrace city living – and therefore the demand for housing begins to increase.

Manchester is a great example of a city that offers fantastic opportunities to its residents and also its investors. Over the past few years, Manchester has proved itself to be a global city, and further investments into the Northern Powerhouse will only continue to showcase this. With multi-million-pound investments into the public and private sectors, infrastructure and businesses are thriving in Manchester, which is one of the many reasons why people choose to move.

Not only does Manchester offer a wealth of opportunities, but these opportunities are just on the doorstep for residents, all in one place. Universities, great jobs and places to enjoy a great social scene are all within close proximity. Better still, Manchester Airport connects the city to over 200 countries worldwide, meaning that global opportunities are never too far away.

These factors make Manchester a key location for valuable investments, as they create population growth and, consequently, a demand for rental housing. The city’s population is due to reach 600,000 by the middle of this decade, making it the fastest-growing city. When deciding where to deliver our developments, we always take data like this into consideration. We want to create valuable investments that provide a great return for years to come. All our developments are therefore well-considered and thoroughly researched, to ensure that investors reap the benefits well into the future.

Part of this process also involves consideration of rental yields, and which locations provide the strongest rental yields for investors. To inform our projects, we analyse data to assess the best buy-to-let locations in the country. Locations with a consistent flow of tenants are usually the highest-yielding, so we always ensure that we target these areas with our developments. This includes areas like Manchester, where there is a rising population, as well as areas with a high student population.

Why Choose Salboy For Your New Home Or Property Investment

Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking to get onto the property ladder and secure your first home or you’re a landlord looking for charming developments that would make a worthwhile investment, look no further than Salboy.

If you’re looking for a new place to live, we have a range of options and various prices to suit all budgets and lifestyles. We offer 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes, making our developments suitable for a range of residents including students, professionals, couples and families alike. We also offer complete and off-plan residential developments.

We take great pride in ensuring that all our homes for sale are safe and comfortable for residents, who can also enjoy access to fantastic amenities and features that truly make the property a home. Offering these features and facilities is just standard practice here – we’re committed to delivering outstanding developments that go beyond the ordinary.

As for our developments for investors, because we select prime locations with population growth and high rental yields, our developments make worthwhile investments. Throughout the journey, you’ll receive a regular income and unrivalled protection, thanks to a comprehensive UK legal system. We combine our knowledge of what makes an outstanding home and what makes a great investment to provide investors and residents with modern developments all over the UK.

Ready To Secure Your New Home? Get In Touch With Our Sales Team Today

Your brand-new home is just an enquiry away – from start to finish, we’ll provide you with an excellent customer experience. If you’re looking for a new home in a prime location that offers amazing opportunities, then it’s time to check out our stunning collection of developments to find the right one for you. We’ve got a range of developments to suit all tastes and needs, with fantastic amenities to give you an extraordinary way of living. Having these impressive features and amenities is just standard here at Salboy – we believe all our residents deserve to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with modern amenities that make life easier and more enjoyable. We deliver developments like no other. 

Take a look at our latest developments and get in touch to find out more by completing the contact form or getting in touch by phone or by email.