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How to invest your money

It can be challenging to choose how to best invest your money. With so many kinds of investment out there, it’s important to research and assess the different options available. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular forms

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How to invest your money: Property

Property investment is one of the most common types of investments. Many people feel property should be one of the first investments to consider when looking at the different ways to invest your money. The UK property market has been

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How to invest your money: Commodities

Investing in commodities involves purchasing physical goods that also have real uses in the economy. Commodities can help investors diversify portfolios. And some investors have been able to earn lucrative returns from commodities. However, they come with a high risk

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How to invest your money: Stocks and shares

Investing in equity involves purchasing shares or stocks of a company. You can buy and sell shares of companies that are publicly listed on the stock market. Some companies have privately held shares, which aren’t available for everyone to buy.

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How to invest your money: Bonds

Companies and governments borrow money through bonds. This allows these organisations to raise capital through investors. In exchange for money, the organisation will typically promise to pay back the investment made plus interest over a certain amount of time. The

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