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We consider Kensington an especially suitable place for us to pursue our mission, which is to deliver high-quality residential property developments in prime locations and amid idyllic surroundings. The homes we develop are designed with modern, useful facilities and amenities built in as standard. We know that, when someone is looking for somewhere new to live, they tend to think of the location first and then the property. This is why we focus our attention on the best property investment areas in the UK, enabling property investors to be more confident with their choices.

Nonetheless, we know that Kensington’s enduring status as an investment property hotspot is driven largely by the high quality of its residential accommodation. Hence, we never compromise the quality of the property development work we undertake and oversee in the area.

The Kensington area of London’s West End district is famously affluent and is home to a range of properties where many politicians and billionaires reside. However, these are hardly the only reasons why Kensington has cemented itself as a magnet for property investment funds.Another reason is that Kensington has proved itself a reliable source of property opportunities. As an experienced property developer, we are ready to help you act on especially exciting opportunities of this ilk in Kensington, which has been economically fuelled by various local sites and attractions.

Our overriding objective is to create meaningful and purposeful homes that enhance and complement the communities in which they are sited. Many of these homes are built entirely on our own initiative; others are assembled through collaborations with other developers. However, with every property development project we take on, we are committed to it from the planning stage right through to when we eventually sign off on the completed build. Along the way, we work closely with our build partners to safeguard the quality of the work – right through to when it is finalised.

As an investor, you can opt to buy a Kensington property directly from us – in the process, sparing yourself the need to approach any estate agents and incur any fees or other costs associated with this traditional avenue for acquiring investment property.

Ultimately, when it comes to residential properties in Kensington, we plan, build, deliver and sell. At every turn, diligence and professionalism are our ever-present watchwords, resulting in new-build homes that are as attractive for investors to buy as they are for other people to live in.

It’s easy to contact us to find out more about developments and opportunities we offer in Kensington. Call us on +44 (0) 161 884 3183 to enquire about new sales or reservations, or use the contact form on our website to let us know you would like to invest in a property.

Property Investment Opportunities in the UK

Property has long been renowned as one of the most reliable investment options – especially in the UK, where the property investment market is stable and demand for residential and commercial properties alike has remained strong as a result of notable cities expanding.

However, your success in reaping the strongest financial returns from property investment would depend on exactly how you invest. Usually, property investors act by buying a property before refurbishing it and then preparing to sell or lease it to tenants or businesses. You can follow this tried-and-tested formula in various ways – such as by purchasing a single home or by putting together a huge portfolio of multiple properties. One of the biggest draws of property investment is how easily properties can be altered in reaction to the changing market.

Another big plus point is the large extent to which property can be lucrative as a long-term investment asset. Hence, you could beneficially include property investment in a long-term financial plan, such as one for securing your family’s pensions or generating savings for your children. Nonetheless, it bears emphasis that, to amass worthwhile financial returns from investing in property, you must be selective about what that property is. This is why we have prepared an in-depth guide to especially lucrative UK property investment opportunities. The types of UK property investment you could utilise include buy-to-let residential property investment, commercial property investment and off-plan investment. All of these can be viable options for you when you task us at Salboy with helping you in your investment adventure.

Our employees make, facilitate and oversee new-build property developments in various locations across the UK – including Manchester, Salford, Newquay and London. However, we always conduct thorough research of the locations in which our property developers operate.

This is because we are determined to ensure that all developments we complete in these parts of the UK are genuinely meaningful and beneficial to the lifestyles of all individuals and families who live in – or might be drawn towards – the wider communities in which the homes are sited.

kensington gardens

Why Invest in Kensington?

Kensington holds immense promise for property investors. The area is, on the whole, extremely affluent and includes some of the UK capital’s most expensive streets and garden squares. The wider borough, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, has also increased in population density due to large mid-rise Georgian and Victorian terraced houses being subdivided into flats.

Kensington is a popular location to live on account of such attractions as Kensington Gardens – which, like Hyde Park to the immediate west, is one of the Royal Parks of London. These are freely accessible open spaces that were officially made public parks via the Crown Lands Act 1851. Another notable public space nearby is Holland Park, which is located in the Kensington area of the same name. This area is no stranger to prestigious residential developments, as evidenced by its Royal Crescent and Aubrey House, both of which are Grade II* listed.

Meanwhile, the main campus of Imperial College London is in South Kensington, attracting students who may, upon graduation, obtain employment in the area, giving them a strong incentive to put down roots in this consistently popular part of the UK capital. Another, similarly compelling incentive could be the local presence of Olympia London. Sometimes dubbed the Olympia Exhibition Centre, this venue is located in West Kensington and has hosted corporate events including conferences and international trade exhibitions.

However, if you are contemplating buy-to-let investment in Kensington, you should be strategic about where you place your money. A prime central location in London can command rental yields in the region of 2-4%, with a return of 3.8% having been cited for the Kensington and Chelsea borough.

Fortunately, now might be an especially good time to enter Kensington’s buy-to-let market. In 2021, average rents in the wider borough dropped to their lowest level in a decade. This was followed by the prediction that demand for rental properties in city centre locations would rise as offices reopen and work-from-home arrangements are increasingly loosened. 

If you are currently considering perusing the variety of residential property for sale in Kensington, heed that we have unveiled our plans of redeveloping Kensington’s Cluny Mews as a set of 35 luxurious apartments – with the first homes set to be completed at the end of 2023.

london city skyline

High-Quality Property Developments in West London


Kensington is far from the only part of London that would warrant further levels of property investment. In a May 2021 report, it was revealed that rents in London had risen by an average of 6% that year alone – with much larger rent increases reported in West London.

For example, from January to April 2021, average rents in Richmond soared by 24%, while the respective increases during the same period in St John’s Wood, Little Venice and Kensington were 23%, 29% and 26%, reflecting how West London has bounced back from the pandemic shock.

This recovery can be largely attributed to the enduring appeal of living and working in West London. London as a whole remains a leading investment location due to its global connectivity, appeal as a business hub and abundant supply of global talent.

Heathrow Airport lies within the London Borough of Hillingdon and, as a result, has helped the wider West London area – in which the borough sits – to economically flourish. Another major employer in West London is the University of West London, which has campuses in Ealing and Brentford.

Recent research indicates that, despite pandemic-mandated work-from-home trends having led many aspiring tenants to look outside London in search of a more affordable rental opportunity, rental yields have remained generally higher in London than on its outskirts.

In 2020, it was reported that, across 20 major commuter hubs on these outskirts, the average rental yield was 3.7%. However, in London, the average was 4.1% – a more attractive figure for buy-to-let investors. Many West London boroughs fared particularly well on this score.

Those included Ealing on 4.1% and Brent on 4%, while Hounslow achieved 3.8%. All of these figures surpassed the 3.7% rental yield cited for the commuter hubs, reflecting the continued promise of West London as a hive of UK property investment activity.

Sustainability is at the heart of our entire property planning and development process. We are dedicated to creating developments that not only fit in seamlessly with the wider community but also make for green and sustainable living spaces.

We have long been active with developing commercial property in Manchester – and you could find that acquiring commercial property we develop in West London, too, assists you in meeting your corporate goals as well as those of businesses buying or renting the property from you.

However, when we develop either residential or commercial buildings anywhere in the UK, let alone this particular part of the UK capital, we always design these buildings with the requirements of both the community and Kensington-based investors in mind. Once we have completed creating a property’s ‘shell’, we fit it out with state-of-the-art decor.

We are also careful where exactly in West London we choose to develop the property. For example, we prioritise development in areas with good transport links, including public transport options. We always aim to situate our developments within walking distance of a bus, railway or Tube station, and we know how important the availability of good local primary schools is to young parents.

Hence, our property development work can attract even more people to West London and, as a result, encourage its regeneration and economic growth.

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What to Look for in an Investment Property

What if you are contemplating possibly moving into property investment but have never put any of your money into it before? Here is a beginner’s guide to several factors you should think carefully about if you see a particular property you like but aren’t sure whether you should invest in it. For more thorough guidance on how to make wiser property investment decisions, please consult our detailed article ‘How to Invest in Property: Top Tips for Property Investment’. When you get in touch with us, we can help you to minimise many risks that typically apply to property investment.

Market Forecasts

 Keep an eye on news about the local property market to see if it seems to be going in the right direction for your gamble – for that’s ultimately what an investment always is – to stand a realistic chance of working. Are people increasingly drawn towards the kind of property you are currently eyeing?


This is, of course, in the eye of the beholder – at least to some extent. To judge how good any given property would be for your target buyers or renters, you should put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself whether it is likely that these people would be genuinely fond of this property.


You should set aside a particularly large amount of time to assess this – as, while the physical makeup of a property can often be easily adjusted, the same can’t be said of a property’s location. In the buy-to-let market, potential tenants tend to be attracted to properties in locations with abundant job opportunities, good transport links and low crime rates.


Some are unavoidable, while others are technically optional but apply to services that could be practically indispensable in your particular case. Costs often incurred as a result of property investment include stamp duty, capital gains tax, insurance costs and inspection and valuation costs.


The types of buyers or renters you hope to attract will influence what type of property you ought to invest in. While students could favour great-value bedroom apartments near their university campus, families are likely to prefer larger homes that are physically close to various schools.


As property prices are liable to fluctuate, you should find ways to lower the risk of the property you buy potentially losing a lot of its value later down the line. Perhaps you could buy cheaply in the first place and ‘weather the storm’ when the market is volatile, as it could only be a matter of time before your property’s value rises again.

Why You Should Invest in a Salboy Property

Before we start developing a property, we diligently research a wide range of factors, including where the property will be built, the lifestyles of people to which the property would be marketed, gaps in the local property market and how that market is likely to look in the future.  With all of this information close at hand, we are able to design, build and complete properties that add meaning to the area and community – such as areas where house prices often do not accurately reflect the quality of the local housing itself.

With every property we build, we are very diligent, professional and committed to the entire build project. If you are a Kensington investor and eager to invest in brand-new developments that are valuable to the community, great value and good quality, we can help. Due to our stringent quality control procedures, our properties have achieved higher occupancy levels than those of most other developments – and our rental rates have remained consistent in recent years. Furthermore, we continue to hone our already unrivalled knowledge of the property market to ensure that we carry out property development work in prominent and popular areas.

The properties that emerge as a result are exactly the types of properties often sought after by investors. As an investor, you need to be discerning about what property investment opportunities you act on. We don’t just highlight especially promising opportunities; we create them. We always closely account for the needs of not only surrounding communities but also investors. In meticulously considering both parties’ interests before we even commence developing a new property, we can ensure optimum satisfaction on both sides. This is evidenced in such projects as the Cluny Mews development we have announced for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. In the affluent area of Earl’s Court, we are set to provide 35 prestige apartments surrounded by stunning Victorian architecture and elegant garden squares.

Cluny Mews is a private, gated mews located within easy walking distance of Holland Park, Kensington Gardens and the Earl’s Court station of the London Underground. Once we have finished redeveloping the Cluny Mews site, it will consist of top-quality apartments furnished to a high standard. Through our website, it is easy to request more details about our Cluny Mews project and how, as an investor, you could take advantage of it.

Investors and buyers alike can buy property directly from us and, in the process, cut out the kind of hassle and expense too often incurred from utilising the services of an estate agency. We have an impressive history of creating property investment opportunities that have strong potential for growth, and we remain dedicated to delivering worthy investments that attract high occupancy levels and tenant demand.

To learn more about our personalised service available to Kensington investors, please email or phone +44 (0) 161 884 3183.

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