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Strong Demand
Prime locations in popular & growing UK cities

Income Generating
Tangible ‘bricks & mortar’ income generating assets

Proven Asset Class
Avg. UK housing prices increased by 300% in the last 20 years

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Comprehensive UK legal system offering unrivaled protection

Invest in the UK's Fastest Growing City Region

Greater Manchester represent the largest city region economy outside London, with a gross value added (GVA) of £62.8 billion. With up to 40% lower operating costs than London it is no surprise that Greater Manchester is the chosen location for business.

Over the past decade, the Greater Manchester region has benefitted from a multi-billion-pound injection of public / private sector investment for business and infrastructure and continues to boast the UK’s largest regional Airport with connections to over 200 countries worldwide.

The government’s pledge to invest a further £7 billion into Northern Powerhouse infrastructure proves that Manchester is ready and waiting to unlock that investment and to continue to underpin Manchester’s reputation as a global city.

  • UK Property & construction open for business and active
  • Greater Manchester – the largest city region economy outside London
  • Over 4% national avg. house price growth in 2021
  • 24.1% Likely increase in residential property prices in North-west over the 5 year period – Savills
  • 17.6% expected rental growth by 2022 – JLL

Here at Salboy, we develop high-quality, premium developments with both residents and investors in mind. We understand the importance of constructing property that adds true value to the wider community. We are dedicated to providing excellent investment opportunities in the North West, working with the best partners in the industry. We deliver nothing short of pristine, valuable, purposeful and exciting places to live and work. For us, putting residents and investors at the heart of our developments ensures that each completed property meets their demands and exceeds expectations.

The property industry has seen an unprecedented transformation over the last two years since the lockdown restrictions first started. The impact of the Pandemic has left a lot of investors concerned and unsure about the current climate of the property sector. However, the demand for houses across the country has never been higher. With rental prices set to rise, a rapid population increase and countless property developments underway, property investment has never been more advantageous. Expert analysis of the overall COVID-19 effect is exceptionally positive, with specialists in the industry sharing optimistic predictions for the future. All in all, the property industry and UK investment opportunities continue to increase, as the property market maintains itself as one of the leading investment sectors in the nation.

If you are interested in investing in our excellent developments or are keen to find out more about our exciting plans, get in touch today.

Our property investments

Complete and off-plan buy-to-let investment opportunities in proven city-centre locations. Direct from the developer.

What is an investment property and why is this a good sector to invest in?

For decades, property has been one of the most reliable, solid types of investment options across all available markets. When done correctly, property investment has the potential to become extremely lucrative and highly beneficial financially. The UK property market, in particular, is renowned for being an incredibly stable, worthwhile long-term investment. This is due to the ongoing demand for both residential and commercial properties, as notable cities expand and the economy continually improves. In most cases, property investment involves buying a premise with a view to refurbish, sell or lease to tenants or businesses to gain a substantial return. This form of investment can be conducted to any extent, whether that be purchasing one single home to building a large portfolio of multiple properties. Many investment companies start out with one unit and, following initial success, rapidly grow their collection in order to make a larger return – often the most favourable method of property investment.

But what makes property such a credible investment? To put it simply, you control the entire process and have multiple ways to add value to increase your gain. Property can be easily transformed and adjusted to meet the current demands and forecasts. By considering important factors before finalising your decisions, such as the location of the building, your investment is highly likely to provide you with a great outcome. Listed below are some other advantages of investing in the property industry:


Ability to forward plan your finances

With property being a worthwhile long-term investment, you are always guaranteed an income from returns. This gives you the leverage to secure a financial plan for your future, allowing you to plan pensions or savings for children. Rental yields and capital growth create long-term capital gains and excellent solid income, meaning property investment can prove highly valuable to your future. On the other hand, it is crucial that investors do their due diligence regarding any complications that may arise in order to best prepare. For example, some instances such as void periods, property management fees and maintenance costs may crop up. However, with careful planning, you can anticipate these costs and tackle them accordingly.

Flexibility and control of your investment

As previously mentioned, property is entirely flexible in terms of how it can be strategically tailored to meet the current trends of the property market. You are in charge of selecting appropriate property management companies, tenancies and refurbishments. Property is an asset that keeps on giving, particularly where investors pay close attention to growth areas and monitor trends. With buy-to-let investments, it is beneficial to keep hold of these properties to build capital growth, as long-lasting investments typically produce higher returns. Your investment choice is completely dependent on your research and how well you position yourself in the market. Identifying areas which have a higher rental demand will maximise your chances of securing an income from tenants.

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Common types of property investment in the UK

When it comes to property types, the UK boasts a vast range of options. If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, there are a number of worthy investments that stand to offer active investors promising returns. Now, deciding on the most suitable property type hangs significantly on current demands and the location in which you choose to invest.

Buy-to-let residential property

Arguably the most commissioned and traditional type of investment, buy-to-lets enable investors to gain rental returns over a long period of time from tenants. It is usually most advantageous to price a rent that will cover any mortgage costs, management fees and stamp duty. It is also worthwhile to consider the occasional maintenance costs you may be liable to cover once it is occupied. These property types tend to be long-term investments, where you can expect a higher potential return and better profit once the property is eventually sold. Most properties can be purchased and adapted as rental properties, so long as they meet legal terms and health and safety conditions.

Commercial property investment

This property type was hit the hardest during the Pandemic. As many businesses were forced to shut, the ability to maintain rental agreements became increasingly difficult for many. However, moving forward, this industry is set to expand as more businesses are keen to revitalise commercial property and business. As structural changes occur in response to the crisis formed by lockdowns, investors are encouraged to conduct research of the best areas to invest in.


Commercial property gives investors a longer lease to benefit from, as opposed to the usual 6 months in residential property. The typical lease length on these types of property is between 10-15 years, allowing additional security on your investment long term. The umbrella of commercial property includes office space, retail sectors and industrial property. All types of commercial buildings vary in the ways in which investments are carried out. The potential return comes from a combination of rental yields from the business that bases itself there and increased value of the property over time.

Off-plan investment

This type of property investment is negotiated before or during the construction of a development. Off-plan investments secured at the preliminary stage usually promise much greater returns than completed developments, as the value of the property increases once the development is complete.

One of the amazing benefits of investing in an off-plan opportunity is that most new builds have an A and B energy performance rating, providing efficiency to its tenants. New builds also consistently adhere to the latest environmental and safety standards, meaning that your investment property will meet all necessary requirements. At Salboy, we offer an array of first-class off-plan developments that are ready for investors to get onboard with. Unlike many other developers, we fully furnish our properties – ensuring that they are instantly the perfect place for residents to move in.

How to get into property investment

Starting out as an investor in the property market can be overwhelming and confusing. The first step to any property investment venture is collecting the appropriate research to enable you to make the best decisions. Depending on your financial situation, it could be worth considering cooperating with other like-minded investors to split upfront costs. Once you dictate your financial position and work out what you can afford, it’s important to devise an investment strategy. As a new investor, you should contemplate:

  • The cost of stamp duty land tax
  • Insurance fees: using comparison sites to determine your best options
  • Current property prices on the market: finding the best location for your investment
  • Management of the property: communicating with property management companies that will work well for you
  • Solicitor fees


Once these things have been accounted for, investors must draw out their objectives over the next five years. Most investments are long term in the property market, so making sure your decision is right and worthwhile is absolutely critical. For buy-to-let properties, you should be cautious and forwardthinking about the types of tenants you wish to have occupy your investment property. Depending on location, population statistics and the design of the property, your house will be idealistic for certain lifestyles and situations.

The best way to start your investment journey is to be on the lookout for competitive yields and locations with promised high returns. The property market evolves rapidly year upon year, so it is important to stay in the loop with forecasts and expert studies. The property you invest in should essentially pay for itself over time and provide you with a high profit. By accumulating the knowledge needed to kick-start your investment venture, you are much more likely to gain a beneficial asset.

Our team of experts at Salboy are always on hand to give financial advice and useful investment tips.

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Where are the best UK buy-to-let investments?

As a prospective investor in the property sector, it is important to know exactly where you plan to invest your funds. This is highly dependent on your property goals and expected outcome; however, there are certainly key locations that offer a higher success rate when it comes to your returns. In 2022, it’s essential to research ahead of the forecasts and accurately establish which locations will have a high level of demand for residential and commercial properties. The key metrics that should be considered where looking to invest in buy-to-let developments include:

  • Property Prices
  • Regeneration
  • Career Opportunities
  • Transport Links
  • Rental Yield
  • Tenant Demand
  • Population


With all the above elements in mind, which destinations around the country meet this criteria best? Above all, Salboy is especially devoted to the rapid growth of Greater Manchester. This is where we choose to invest, develop and live due to our passion for the city and the opportunities that continuously arise in both property and business sectors. However, there are idyllic locations dotted around the UK that are particularly ahead of other regions when it comes to popularity.


The city of Leeds has quickly gained a reputation in the investment community, as many developers and companies are keen to enhance this fast-growing city. Economically, Leeds is in fact one of the fastest growing areas in the country and is borderline rivalling other major cities across the globe. It is predicted that Yorkshire will see an incredible growth of 28% over the next 5 years, making this wonderful city a strong contender for strategic investment. One key selling point for Leeds is that over 70% of the population are in rental properties – ranking it highly as a dream destination for buy-to-let purchases.


As far as affordable housing is concerned, Nottingham is much cheaper than most UK cities and towns. Offering yields of around 9%, this popular student destination has plenty to offer for investors. It has been predicted that Nottingham could see one of the strongest growth trajectories in the next few years, with a massive tenant demand flooding in over the past year.


As the capital city, this one may go without saying. However, it is worth noting that, due to its popularity, London is anticipated to recover from the Pandemic far quicker than others. Overseas investors are always looking for opportunities in London, due to the worldwide idealised perception of this infamous location. Its easily accessible transport links, career opportunities and cultural diversity are what attract thousands of residents and investors year upon year.


Potentially a hidden gem, Newquay is bursting with potential – this stunning Cornish holiday destination continues to captivate visitors far and wide. The surrounding areas and world-class beaches are what make Newquay a desirable place to live for people of all ages. Although property prices are higher than many other places, investors are increasingly attracted to Newquay for its long-standing reputation as one of the most beautiful towns in the UK.

As a Mancunian business born and bred, we have discovered why Manchester offers so much for investors.

Manchester’s evolution over the last decade is unmatched. The city is bursting with amazing technology and creative industries, and it boasts an unrivaled property market. Economically, this northern city is amongst the highest-performing cities in Europe, with a rapidly expanding population of entrepreneurs, students and families. Manchester is known for its ongoing regeneration schemes that proceed to contribute intrigue, opportunity and growth to an already incredible city.

In terms of growth in the property market, the average house was determined to stand at £205,067 at the start of 2021. This is an increase of an impressive 12.12% from 2020, with this expected to rise by at least another 10% over the next year. Despite this rise, Manchester’s city centre remains an equally desirable place to live in for its transport links, diverse culture and business opportunities. However, further out, Greater Manchester is a much more affordable place to live in. The demand for residential property is higher than ever, with many residents, buyers and students looking to base themselves within the city centre itself. City living is on the rise, as numerous residents take advantage of the outstanding facilities, amenities and diversity of entertainment available.

Salboy has delivered over 2,400 homes in the Manchester area and neighbouring city of Salford, demonstrating just how passionate we are about contributing to the excellence of this vibrant city. We provide residential and commercial properties throughout central Manchester and beyond, accommodating a large mix of lifestyles. Our developments are exciting opportunities for all investors, as we promise to deliver homes to the highest standards, ensuring each aspect is designed with residents and investors in mind.

If the Manchester property market appeals to you, get in touch with our experts to discuss your investment requirements – we can help you invest your funds with confidence.

Is now a good time to invest?

It is no secret that many investors and home buyers alike are worried about the property market and whether or not investment will continue to be profitable in the coming years. However, after a few challenging years, the property sector is heading in a positive direction. After analysis conducted from the latest census, it is apparent that, within the next two years, the number of UK households will rise to 28 million. The population across the country continues to grow more than most other countries in Europe, meaning that the demand for housing remains exceptionally high. It is well known that in recent years, the UK has suffered from low supply and high demand, as development companies work hard to meet the demand. It is expected that up to 250,000 new properties will be required in order to house the increased population, which is why brand new developments are being implemented across the UK. For investors looking to maximise capital growth through their venture and gain long-term returns, the growth in house prices in the near future means that buy-to-lets continue to be an excellent option for your investment funds. The rental yield is also set to rise, with rental market growth forecasts suggesting that there could be up to a 10% influx in costs.

After the challenging past two years that the world has faced, greater portions of the public are keener than ever to relocate, remortgage and buy their first home. At Salboy, we have excellent knowledge of the property industry and are extremely optimistic about the development plans we are working towards. City-centre living is becoming a preferred trend, and, as a result, Salboy avidly commits to providing exclusive properties in some of the best cities in the UK.

Why you should invest in a Salboy property

At Salboy, our mission is to deliver developments with social purpose. Our strong focus on quality, originality and durability ensures that each property makes a worthwhile, long-term investment. Nothing is designed, constructed or completed without researching location, lifestyles, market gaps and forecasts. We provide homes and workspaces that are meaningful, adding premium properties to the areas that need it most. Our careful approach to the way we plan, collaborate, construct and deliver homes is what enables us to maintain our strong track record and reputation. Because of the quality and richness of our properties, our occupancy levels are higher than most other developments and have maintained consistent rental rates in recent years. Our property knowledge is unrivalled, as we strategically place developments in the areas that are prominent and popular. As an investor looking to gain a valuable asset, it is essential to seek the best, beneficial opportunities in the UK. At Salboy, we guarantee developments that are built to last and that will always be in high demand.

Our skillful team and partners are diligent in delivering developments, supplying the best resources, amenities and facilities for residents to enjoy. We are extremely attentive to the needs and requirements of surrounding communities and potential investors. By conducting necessary research on prospective occupants, we can invest our time, money and resources into assembling apartments that are highly useful and suitable for them.

Looking for a valuable property investment opportunity? Look no further than Salboy

We are a well established, experienced property investment company that cares about investors, residents and communities. Our high-quality property portfolio exemplifies the sensational facilities and amenities that we work so hard to provide. As a property investor looking for a profitable and rewarding asset, our existing and upcoming developments promise fantastic return on investment and demand. To take advantage of our high growth buy-to-let property opportunities with high yields, discuss your investment goals with one our experienced team today.

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